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What if the part of you that's connected to all of life is trying to communicate with your conscious mind?

But you're not able to understand the enlightened guidance and truth it's trying to impart to you?

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What are your dreams trying to say to you?

I hear it all the time. Spiritual practitioners are trying to receive downloads and hear what their spirit guides are trying to say to them. And these are amazing things to develop.

But one of the most overlooked ways to connect with spiritual guidance is interpreting your dreams.

Sure, the Jungian therapists have been interpreting dreams for a long time, but they have been mostly focused on individuation and psychological guidance.

It wasn't until my spiritual teacher started interpreting my dreams that I began to see the vast spiritual potential of dream interpretation.

So here's how it works... 

Your Inner Consciousness is constantly trying to communicate with your conscious mind.

Your inner consciousness is your spirit, higher self, or the part of you that is connected to all of life. And it communicates with us in the form of symbols.

Our ego, or part of us that is trying to keep us safe, is wired to not let threatening (or liberating) information in. So it acts as gate-only letting things that are not a threat to it pass through to our conscious mind.

It tends to see symbols as non-threatening and so it lets them pass through.

Inner consciousness --> Ego (gate) --> Conscious Mind

Symbols are like a language. We just need to translate or “interpret” the symbols of the dream to understand what our inner consciousness is trying to say to our conscious mind.  

So there's all this untapped spiritual truth and guidance that we're not listening to. 

Now some of you may have wild dreams regularly and others of you may not remember your dreams. But either way, this spiritual information super-highway can be opened up.

Because once you focus on a few simple things before you go to sleep and right when you wake up, you will begin to get glimpses of your dreams. And when you pay attention to those, things really start opening up.

Isn't it time you received the life-changing guidance that life is trying to impart to you?

The Good News Is...

Understanding what your dreams are saying to you is totally possible.

By participating in the Dream Interpretation Group you can develop the following qualities to allow you to understand the clear guidance your dreams are trying to provide you:

  • Learn the language of symbolism as a basis and starting point to interpret dreams and spiritual experiences.
  • Develop your intuition for dream interpretation by getting a feel for how the dreams of the group's participants are interpreted.
  • Experience having your actual dreams interpreted so you directly experience the intuition of "this just feels right" and the power of your inner consciousness communicating with you.
  • Create a practice for remembering, recording, and interpreting your dreams. 

YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you (whether you’ve never thought much about your dreams or participated in a dream group before)...

... but they DO depend on taking a clear-cut, intuitive approach.

If this seems fascinating to you (like it does me), then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the Dream Interpretation Group.

But first...


Michael Hoffman

I have been interpreting dreams for clients, friends, and myself to receive pure spiritual guidance for 35 years.

When I'm not attending meditation retreats, enjoying nature, or routing for the Minnesota Vikings, I'm creating personal programs for people to awaken their spiritual well-being and purpose into their daily lives.

I do this by guiding and supporting one person at a time to tune into the spiritual truth and guidance that's presenting itself to them.

I developed the Dream Interpretation Group as a clear, step-by-step approach to receive the clear spiritual guidance that your inner-consciousness is trying to communicate to you.

So bring the latest whacky dream that you can remember and find out what life is trying to say to you. Not only is it liberating, but it's also mysterious and fun (like getting a really cool psychic reading).

Word on the Street

"Mike Hoffman’s “Communication with Self” class series was not only fascinating but very helpful to me.  My dreams usually make no sense to me and sometimes can be downright scary.  I usually try to forget them. 

Mike’s class explained in a very clear, logical way that the symbolism I took to mean I was a “weirdo”  should not be dismissed but should instead be used as a way of understanding my emotions and what’s going on inside. 

If you are confused or uncertain about something that’s going on in your life, your dreams can help you figure out what the best course of action is for you.  All you need to do is understand the symbolism and apply it to your own life. 

It’s very enlightening and gave me a sense of relief to know that I now have a tool I can use to help me make decisions based on my true inner feelings.  Thanks Mike!"

   Midge Geston



An intuitive exploration of understanding what life is trying to say to you. 

I’ve invested the last 35 years interpreting dreams for clients and friends to get to the heart of the clear guidance their inner consciousness is communicating to them.

I was trained by an enlightened teacher that drew on Jungian symbolism and spiritual traditions to translate the spiritual guidance our dreams are communicating to us.

Here are the broad strokes of the Dream Interpretation Group:

  • Teaching the Language of Symbolism: Dreams communicate with symbols. It the language of life and the unconscious. They are the same symbols that arise in art, mythology, Jungian psychology, and spiritual experiences. Once you learn the language you can translate what your dreams are saying to you. 
  • Interpreting the Actual Dreams of Group Members to Understand its Intuitive Process: The majority of our time in the Dream Interpretation Group is spent interpreting dreams. It's kind of a 'teach and learn as we go' model. The key to learning to interpret dreams to get an intuitive feel for it, and this is best acquired from observing how a trained dream interpreter interprets actual dreams.
  • Sharing Your Own Dreams to Experience the Intuitive Feeling of Having a Dream Accurately Interpreted: There's really no substitute for the feeling the magic of having your own dream accurately interpreted. This provides a reference point for what it intuitively feels like when you have the right interpretation. Then you can recognize this when you interpret the dreams of yourself and others.
  • Developing a Practice to Remember, Record, and Interpret Your Dreams: Some participants have difficulty remembering their dreams at first. This group provides various techniques to remember your dreams by focusing the light of your consciousness onto them. Then you can discover your own practice of remembering, recording, and interpreting your dreams.

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So if you’re still here...

Let me send you off with this.

By now, perhaps you see the possibility of what your dreams are trying to say to you…

... and how your inner-consciousness has been trying to communicate its spiritual guidance to your conscious mind.

So, if you’re wanting to experience the clear guidance your inner consciousness is trying to offer you, check out the Dream Interpretation Group.

If you're fascinated by the bizarre content of your dreams and the haunting feeling that they leave you with, check out the Dream Interpretation Group.

If you want to experience the mind-blowing creativity of your inner consciousness and the feeling of synchronicity when your dream interpretation intuitively clicks, check out the Dream Interpretation Group.


If you want to understand how you and your life magically fits with all of creation, check out the Dream Interpretation Group.

If you’re ready, I look forward to partnering with you to intuitively explore the myriad things that your inner consciousness and life itself are trying to say to you.

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