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What you'll get:

  • 7 Instructional Videos: Each of the 7 ways (or approaches) includes a video of me introducing the teachings and concepts of a specific approach to integrate your spiritual nature into all the aspects of your daily life.

  • 7 Self-inquiry journaling questions: Each approach also includes a set of self-inquiry questions to experience your spiritual nature and truth for yourself. 

  • 7 Guided Meditation: Lastly, each approach includes a 13-23 minute guided meditation, led by myself, which guides you to awaken and embody the spiritual elements we’re working with during that approach.


What People Are Saying:

Michael Hoffman’s “Metamorphosis” retreat helped me to understand that anything I want is possible. I now understand that my beliefs about my world, who I am, and what I am capable of have been limiting my life. My future depends on me and me alone. All I need do is open myself up to possibilities. If I agree that anything is possible then I give myself permission to try and that makes it possible. Knowing that all is possible frees me to recognize when a door opens. Previously I would have said to myself; “that isn’t possible, it’s my imagination;” or some such thing. Once I recognize that the door is ajar, I have the choice of walking through it or closing it (but at least I have acknowledged that it is open to me). Mike not only helped me understand what actions were limiting me. I now have a plan and tools I can work with to help me break my cycle of limiting behavior and find support to help me make my dreams reality.

Midge Geston