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What would you like to awaken in your life?

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Isn't it time you allow more of your spiritual nature into your actual life?

Have you ever wondered...

How you can feel so aligned and peaceful in your yoga class, and yet feel so disconnected in your everyday life. Or perhaps...

How you can feel so connected in your spiritual practice, and yet not feel much closeness in your relationship. Or maybe...

How you can feel a such a strong sense of purpose, and yet find it so difficult to bring it into your work and daily life.

If you have, you're in the right place.

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Human experience is messy.

Spiritual truth and well-being create clarity and freedom. 

But integrating that truth and well-being into your human life can be a whole different thing.

All that truth and oneness can break down at the critical moment when you need it most.

So how can you bring your spiritual truth and well-being into your actual life?

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What happens when your spiritual nature meets your human life?

Are you able to speak your truth at work?

Is it safe to take the connection and openness you felt at your yoga class home to your relationship?

What happens to your spiritual truth and openness when you return to your daily life?

Do you hide it or shut it down?

Most of us simply adjust our openness...

When it's safe to be open, we shine.

But when we're around people who are threatened by truth and openness, we dim it down a few settings.

We've all done it. We do it without even realizing it to make things work in the interaction we are in. But after a while, it gets really painful and oppressive.

So why not just stay open?

Great idea! But here's the tricky part:

To walk with your heart open it requires a new set of skills. Actually quite a few new skills.

We have been thoroughly conditioned to self-protect by avoiding openness and vulnerability at all costs. So the new skills may not come naturally to you- at least at first.

So you are left with reading books, listening to podcasts, and taking dozens of online courses.

What happens for most of us when we do this on our own is we end up guessing and telling ourselves stories. About everything.

While you've done a miraculous job at guessing and filling in the blanks, you still don’t have the love, joy, and fulfillment in your life that you truly deserve.

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But it's so worth it!

The truth is, it’s incredibly difficult to piece things together on your own when your not really sure what you’re doing. This journey you’re on is hard.

But the well-being, aliveness, and freedom you experience when you integrate your spiritual nature into your daily life is so worth all the challenges.

You can enjoy a deep spiritual connection and intimacy with your significant other and all the relationships in your life. It's time you enjoy the fruits of all this depth-work you have done!

You can do work and make a difference that is in alignment with your passion, sense of purpose, and what’s most important to you. And, you can set it up so it financially supports you.

You can confidently speak your truth and walk with your heart open. No more hiding who are you and shutting down parts of yourself to accommodate others.

What you could use to get there, though, is a guide who can show you the way through this unknown wilderness. Someone who can help you avoid the perils and pitfalls—the things that can cause you to waste thousands of dollars and months of time.

This is where I come in...

I will save you time and needless suffering. I start by closely listening to what is most important to you and the things you really want in your life.

Then I will guide and support you to chart a course to align your life with your spiritual well-being and purpose.

This way your life relationships, work, and life can rightfully become an expression of your heart and spiritual nature.

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Word on the Street

"Michael's work consistently helps me recognize my own truth, to actually speak it out loud, and then hear it in a new way. I am always amazed at wherever I am at, whatever I am working with, there is such great value to be gleaned from this powerful practice. Great gratitude for many years of continuing unfoldment."

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   Eve Costello

How did I get here?

I went to college to study engineering to prepare to have a family and live the American dream. Only it didn't quite work out that way. I started seeing holes in the story that everyone seemed to subscribe to.

In my early twenties, I started to explore everything spiritual and soon began to study with a spiritual teacher. His name was Bart Anderson, and I would apprentice with him for the next 22 years. 

During this time I assisted Bart with workshops and classes that included guided meditation, ceremony, and sharing circles that guided participants to see the truth about their lives. These were the predecessors of the programs and retreats I do today.

I also studied western psychology and completed a Bachelors of Psychology in 1987 and Master's Social Work in 1997. I practiced psychotherapy for many years, but always found an experiential spiritual approach to be most effective. 

Bart passed away in 2007, and I began to sort out how to present the work I knew I must do. This process produced two books: Your Natural Gift (2013) and Natural Way of Being (2020).

In 2013, I started doing silent retreats led by spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, to get deeper inside myself. This has been a nice compliment to the work I did with Bart. My current programs and retreats are influenced by both lineages.

This brings us to my current approach to working with people. I like to offer personalized coaching programs and retreats.

These avenues provide enough time and space for clients to get down to the core of things and walk through a complete transition to lasting spiritual well-being and personal freedom.  

I really like guiding and supporting people to integrate the well-being and  connection of their spiritual practices, meditation, yoga into their relationships, work, and everyday lives. 

I live in Ashland, Oregon...

I enjoy exploring the nearby mountains, rivers, and coasts of the Pacific Northwest. I love jazz, sitting by the fire, and playing the didgeridoo.

As a huge advocate of working with a coach or teacher regularly, I do weekly coaching sessions with a teacher who can support me and keep me honest. I meditate daily, work with my dreams, and do personal ceremony next to Ashland Creek every week to stay right with myself.

Last but not least, I am a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan, and I am thoroughly convinced they will win their first Super Bowl this year. 

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