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Introducing my new book...

Natural Way of Being: Trust your Heart and Collaborate with Life

Natural Way of Being is currently available in paperback and ebook. It provides step-by-step practices to open your heart and to trust your intuition.

You’ll be shown how to allow the energy of your life experiences into your heart so that you can see things as they are, feel your connection with life, and ignite your call for action.

This book is your invitation to embark on a spiritual journey to a new way of being based on openness, intimacy, and collaboration with all of life.


Michael Hoffman

I have been coaching clients to live with spiritual well-being and purpose for 30 years. This book is my attempt to make the same teachings and pratices I use in my coaching programs and retreats available to readers.

When I'm not attending meditation retreats, enjoying nature, or rooting for the Minnesota Vikings, I'm creating personal programs for people to awaken their spiritual well-being and purpose into their daily lives.

I do this by personally guiding and supporting one person at a time to directly integrate their truth and well-being to their relationships, work, and everyday life.

I wrote Natural Way of Being as a clear, step-by-step approach to directly experience your spiritual nature and integrate it into your daily life.

So check out this labor of love to bring the openness, connection, and well-being you experience during an amazing yoga class or liberating meditation to your intimate relationship, family, and the subtle way you make a difference in people's lives.

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Available in Paperback or Ebook

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