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Confusion is a Natural Part of Change

spiritual integration Jan 17, 2021

Video Blog Summary: Confusion is a Natural Part of Change

So for many of us, 2020 was a confusing year. But confusion isn’t always bad. Sometimes it indicates that we are changing. In fact, confusion is a natural part of change.

When you've been seeing things a certain way for a while, you become accustomed to seeing them that way. And then something inside you begins to change, and you begin to see things in a different way. So your life is oriented around that familiar way of seeing, and now all of a sudden, you see things differently.

In a sense, you have one foot one reality and the other in a different reality. The result is confusion. Which reality is real? Things that used to make sense somehow don't make much sense anymore.

So whenever you feel confused, it’s an opportunity to discern how the way you see things is changing. And consequently how you are changing.

So what are you confused about? Is that confusion related to the way you see things...

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Stop Editing Yourself

clear interaction Jan 11, 2021

Video Blog Summary: Stop Editing Yourself

Have you ever had something to say to someone and held it back? Or edited what you’re saying they are comfortable with it.

I wonder if we are protecting people from what they might feel if we say what our heart is guiding us to say to them.

Our culture is largely based on everyone feeling comfortable. People want to be comfortable when they hear what we have to say. They want our advice, but only if they’re comfortable with it.

And we want to be comfortable knowing that we did not hurt their feelings or make them uncomfortable when we interacted with them.

So we keep our truth to ourselves or edit it so much that it’s not really our truth anymore. We end up using our precious intuition and spiritual gifts to determine if people will be comfortable with what we say instead of using them to uplift people.

So everyone loses. They do not receive the benefit of our hearing our truth. We do not receive the benefit of...

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Modeling Openheartedness


Video Blog Summary: Modeling Openheartedness

Life is so much more meaningful and enjoyable when your heart is open. If your hearing this blog, you have undoubtedly experienced the freedom and beauty of having your heart wide open.

And having your heart open is contagious. It invites the people you interact with to be open. The world desperately needs people to model having their hearts open and to invite others to open theirs.

And yet there seem to be relatively few people that lead with an open heart. We seem to wait for someone or something to open our hearts.

But ultimately having your heart open is a choice. You do not have to wait for the right conditions to open your heart.

You can choose to open your heart every morning with meditation, yoga, being in nature, or… whatever it is that opens your heart. And then can you learn to walk with your heart open. It’s a series of skills you can learn.

The first benefit is that your own life will improve immensely. The...

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Acting According to Your Ethics

spiritual integration Dec 28, 2020

Video Blog Summary: Acting According to Your Ethics

Ethics are the values and principles that govern your behavior. For this blog, I’m going to refer to ethics as the thing that your heart tells you is right for you.

My suggestion is to care about yourself enough to align your actions with your personal ethics. If something feels off to you, simply don’t do it.

Not out of fear or because it’s what you’re not supposed to do, but rather because you understand that when you act outside of your personal ethics, you create conflict with yourself. And worse, you might even lose respect for yourself.

Even if everyone at work or all of your friends are doing something that does not feel right, you can find a way to abstain. Simply because you choose to spare yourself the conflict and pain it would create in yourself.

And you can do this in a subtle way if you choose to. You do not have to confront the situation or people you're with unless you’re guided by...

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Ask For What You'd Like

clear interaction Dec 17, 2020

Video Blog Summary: Ask For What You'd Like

As we approach the holidays in this most unusual year, what are you wanting to happen during the holidays? And, are you willing to ask for it?

There’s often a pattern to hope the things we want will magically happen. So we don’t ask for it or create it. This is especially true with families and romantic relationships.

Often leftover from childhood, we believe that being in our family will just meet the things we want in family relationships.

This is often a product of our parents either working their butts off to provide it, or them not being able to provide it. Either way, we are left with believing what we want really should be provided to us without us having to ask.

And this extends to romantic relationships. We figure the love will magically meet our needs. He or she will just know the thing that I need and offer it.

This can present itself as a “prove you love me” dynamic. The voice of this is, “If...

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Stop Withholding Your Truth


Video Blog Summary:

Speaking your truth and genuinely expressing what you feel is natural. We only have difficulty with this when we withhold what we're prompted to say.

We withhold things because we are conditioned to believe it's not safe to freely express what comes to us.

It’s like the thought bubble in a cartoon comes to us and we keep it to ourselves.

When we don’t speak our truth and freely express our feelings, our throat chakra becomes blocked and does not function properly. 

I have found many women to have throat chakra blocks due to the way they are conditioned in our culture. It takes great courage to trust what our heart is saying to us and speak our truth.

It’s natural to allow the experience we are to come into our third eye so we can clearly see things as they are. From there it naturally drops down into our heart allowing us to feel connection and empathy.

As the energy of the...

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See Yourself as 'Walking Toward'

compassion for self Dec 07, 2020

 Video Blog Summary:

Things continue to be challenging as COVID cases increase and we continue to socially isolate.

One of my favorite skills in challenging times such as these is to see yourself as moving toward something you would like to have for yourself.

You may say, “It’s kind of tough to move toward things with everything shut down these days.”

I hear you. But keep in mind that there may be things you can do inside yourself to prepare for when things open up externally.

One way to approach this is to work with things under the surface. A useful metaphor is an iceberg with ten percent above the water and ninety percent in the ocean. Now may be a time to work on the ninety percent.

So if you have a business that is slowing down, you could work to clarify the business you want to do and how to market it. If you want a love relationship, you could work internally on how to allow more love and intimacy into your life.

Working on things beneath the...

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Finding Common Ground

clear interaction Dec 02, 2020

 Video Blog Summary:

Two friends and I were doing a healing meditation to send energy for people to unify after the election.

Shortly after we started to meditate, an idea came to me to send energy for people to unify by understanding each other’s perspectives. And then I immediately heard a voice that said, “That never works.”

OK... I realized that understanding perspectives quickly gets into our way of seeing things that involve our social and political views. It made sense to me that this would be challenging to pull off.

Soon another idea came to me suggesting it would be much more effective to appeal to the values and dreams we have in common. The example I thought of was that most of us want the world to be a better place for our children.

And then I heard the lyrics, “The Russians love their children too,” from an old song by Sting. This seemed to confirm that this time I was on the right track.

Of course, we may vastly disagree on how...

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Gratitude for our Partnership with Life

collaborative creation Nov 23, 2020

Video Blog Summary:

I think we sometimes lack gratitude due to a misunderstanding that’s based on a misperception of our relationship with life, God, spirit, or the universe.

If you don’t understand the nature of the relationship with life, how can you have true gratitude toward it? Our life thrives when we have a clear partnership with life.

Life and you create things together. You set an intention, life helps unfold that intention, you step into it, life supports you, and so on.

So you can have gratitude for the partnership, for the connection. That’s what I’m grateful for. Even more so than the things I have. I’m grateful that life is willing to create things with me and support me to experience things.

We usually fail this type of gratitude by discounting one or the other partners in this partnership.

We may discount life and believe that we alone are creating things. We discount that life supported us in the things we create in our lives.


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Embracing Uncertainty

collaborative creation Nov 16, 2020

Video Blog Summary: Embracing Uncertainty

We never really know what’s going to happen. Sometimes we create a story to tell ourselves we know what’s going to happen. Then we feel safe again. But we never really know.

COVID and its social isolation have put the fact that we don’t know what’s going to happen in our face. We don’t know when COVID is going to end or when we can freely plan our lives again. So, we are left sitting with the uncertainty of life.

What if we just accepted that we don’t know what’s go to happen? Never did, never will. What if we embraced the uncertainty?

Even though we do not know what’s go to happen, we can still create things. We can still intend things. It’s just that we do not know exactly what form they will take.

But this is what makes life exciting. If we know what was going to happen in a movie, it would not be very exciting or enjoyable.

It's not knowing what’s going to happen...

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