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Do you have a community where you can speak your truth?

place where you can be yourself and feel like you belong?

Here's why anything short of an enthusiastic "Yes" is not being fair to yourself.

As human beings, our greatest emotional needs are to connect and belong. So naturallywe seek this with our significant other, family, friends, workplace, and community.

To truly feel intimacy and belonging is essential to authentically be ourselves and have our people see, hear, and accept us as we are.

Seems simple enough, right?

And yet, powerful obstacles prevent us from having a safe place to speak our truth and share what's really going on with us- especially when it comes to deep spiritual or emotional things.

Cause here’s the deal... 

We're conditioned to not speak our truth. 

"Children are better seen the heard" goes the old school expression. Modern parenting encourages more expression, but often not when the child's view is different than the adult's.

And of course, most women have not had a consistent voice unless they have fought hard to claim it.

Women are naturally wired for a harmonious state socially which can make it extremely challenging to express their truth when it varies with the prevailing truths of the people around them.

Most of the women I have worked with have blocks in their throat chakra- the center of expression. These women have found great value in looking at the source of these blocks and then, you guessed it, speaking their truth.

But that is often easier said than done...

It can feel extremely vulnerable and unsafe to speak your truth. 

It typically requires a great deal of courage and support to speak your truth.

When you have been conditioned to withhold your truth and had that reinforced for most of your life, it can be a bit daunting to step up and express what you really see and feel to be true.

And having a safe place and strong support to do so can go a really long way- especially when you are first reclaiming your voice.

And the deeper you get spiritually, the fewer people you have to share your truth with.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able and willing to support your truth. In fact, as you get deeper within yourself, your truth and new-found insights can actually be threatening to people.

Different levels of consciousness vibrate differently. As you grow spiritually, your reality, and the way you experience life changes.

If friends and family are not growing spiritually, it is like you are living in a different world than they are. 

The things you used to do and talk about with them just don't seem to resonate with you anymore.

Isn't it time you spoke your truth and shared your authentic self with people that can actually honor and support those things?

If so, let's check out something you can do about it...

The Good News Is...

You Can Speak Your Truth and Have Your Authentic Self Be Supported 

The weekly Sharing Circle that I’m about to share with you guides you to access your heart and spiritual nature and then to speak the truth of your being to a community of like-minded people. It's designed to empower you to:

  • Express what you are truly experiencing in your life in a totally safe space. I take total responsibility for the emotional safety of the space.
  • Receive guidance to see and feel what is going on inside underneath the day-to-day events in your life.
  • Get a clear look at the obstacles that block you from the things you want to awaken in your life.
  • Receive support from the rest of the circle. The group is most interested in how it looks and feels to you.
  • Confidently speak your truth and experience interacting with your heart open.
  • Feel a part of a spiritual community that can accept you exactly as you are.

YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you (whether you’re starting your spiritual practice or have been on this path for many years).

... but they DO depend on having a place like Sharing Circle that is emotionally safe to share your heart and speak your truth.

A place like Sharing Circle that is time-tested for the past 35 years to be effective at precisely guiding clients to connect with themselves and remove the obstacles to having love and purpose in their lives.


One that provides accessible guidance and support every step of the way so you can integrate spiritual well-being and purpose into your relationship, career, and daily life.

And if you’re still with me, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the nuts and bolts of Sharing Circle.

But first...


Michael Hoffman

I have been coaching clients to live with spiritual well-being and purpose for 30 years.

When I'm not attending meditation retreats, enjoying nature, or rooting for the Minnesota Vikings, I'm creating personal programs and events for people to awaken their spiritual well-being and purpose into their lives.

I do this by personally guiding and supporting one person at a time to directly integrate their truth and well-being to their relationships, work, and everyday life.

I have been developing Sharing Circle as an effective way to directly experience your spiritual nature, speak your truth, and integrate it into your daily life.

So bring any openness, connection, and beauty you've been keeping to yourself and share it with us in Sharing Circle. The more you speak your truth and have support, the more natural it is to integrate it into your daily life.

Word on the Street

"Michael's work consistently helps me recognize my own truth, to actually speak it out loud, and then hear it in a new way. I am always amazed at wherever I am at, whatever I am working with, there is such great value to be gleaned from this powerful practice. Great gratitude for many years of continuing unfoldment."

   Eve Costello



An interactive ceremony that guides you to experience your spiritual nature and speak your truth so you can integrate it throughout your life. 

I’ve invested the last 30 years working in the trenches with spiritually-minded people to develop a sharing circle that allows you to awaken create a complete transition in your life. It's designed for...

Here are the broad strokes of Sharing Circle:

  • Preparation: Reflect on What You've Been Experiencing this Past Week: Perhaps on the morning of the Sharing Circle, think back or review your journal to notice what you have been experiencing spiritually and emotionally this past week.
  • Share What's In Your Heart: So you have reflected on your week and you related to what someone shared before it was your turn. You have a sense of what you are going to say. Now let it go and let your share come to you. Sharing Circle is a ceremony. Let the magic happen. Have the courage to speak the things that come to you as you share.
  • Consider the Guidance Being Presented to You: It might not make sense at first. It may even bring up your defenses. Try to just drink what's being offered to you- even if it's different than the things you typically consider. I call it being teachable, which means being open to considering an alternative view. This opens the door for insight and truth to directly come to you.
  • Offer Support and Empathy to the Other People Sharing: Part of the magic of Sharing Circle is offering your attention to the person sharing. Empathy is feeling with the person sharing and the feedback they are receiving. Inevitably you will relate to their share or the guidance they are receiving. Your defenses are down when you're supporting others. This can open you up for deep insight.
  • Work with What Came to You in Circle During the Week that Follows. Sharing Circle is amazing for integrating new things into your life. Try a few of the insights and new approaches out for a test drive. See what happens and then share about it in the next week's Sharing Circle.

Also Included...

A "Plan of Action" Individual Session with Michael Hoffman 

I really want you to get off on th right foot with interacting in Sharing Circle. And sometimes you're not accustomed to sharing what you're really feeling in your heart.

So I decided to offer an individual session so we can explore what you may want to awaken and express in Sharing Circle.

We also talk about how you tend to express yourself. We look into any shyness and inhibitions that may arise when you share your heart in an honest and genuine manner.

Lastly, we talk about what you need from the sharing circle and the community. We talk about what it feels like for you to be a part of something and experience a sense of belonging.

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