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Spiritual Retreats

Picture 5 days of ceremony, meditation, and sharing circles to directly experience your spiritual nature, purpose, and truth.

Everything about retreat guides you to directly experience your spiritual nature.

Picture yourself in an idyllic setting. You've cleared your busy, and sometimes insane, schedule to devote this time to fully be with yourself.

You've courageously set aside all the things that distract you from yourself. There's nothing left but you, your spirit, and the simple guidance of retreat.

Sounds challenging? Not exactly Cabo San Lucus peaceful. Yes, it can be hard sometimes. But those who come never fail to walk away with an aliveness and sense of purpose that only experiencing your spiritual nature can bring.

Besides, you've challenged yourself before with physical endurance, career, and relationships. This just directs the discovery inside- think of it as the next frontier.

Because it's this commitment to your spiritual nature that ultimately sets you free. When you care enough to fully show up, the structure of retreat can work its magic.

Of course, it's not really magic, it just seems that away. It turns out that when you remove the obstacles to your spiritual nature it naturally begins to come forth.

In-person retreats and workshops have been an essential part of the work I have offered for the past 35 years.

The direct connection with your spiritual nature provides a foundation for integrating it into your entire life.

I take full responsibility for the emotional safety of the space. My spiritual gift is gently guiding you to see and remove the obstacles so your true nature can reveal itself to you.

We start the day with a guided meditation and intention circle to set the tone for your day. After lunch, we do a sharing circle to provide insight to your obstacles and what lies just beyond them. In the evening, we'll sit around the fire to do some personal ceremony to discover the beauty of your being.

There's simply no substitute for this live, in-person work.

I can't wait to sit with you at retreat!

Word on the Street

“Michael Hoffman’s “Metamorphosis” retreat helped me to understand that anything I want is possible. I now understand that my beliefs about my world, who I am, and what I am capable of have been limiting my life.

My future depends on me and me alone. All I need do is open myself up to possibilities. If I agree that anything is possible then I give myself permission to try and that makes it possible. Knowing that all is possible frees me to recognize when a door opens.

Previously I would have said to myself; “that isn’t possible, it’s my imagination;” or some such thing. Once I recognize that the door is ajar, I have the choice of walking through it or closing it (but at least I have acknowledged that it is open to me).

Mike not only helped me understand what actions were limiting me. I now have a plan and tools I can work with to help me break my cycle of limiting behavior and find support to help me make my dreams reality.”

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 Midge Geston