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Spring Equinox Shamanic Ceremony Intensive

with Michael Hoffman

Saturday, March 16, 2024, 9 am - 5 pm

This Spring Equinox Retreat is Cancelled. Please consider the "Awaken Your Medicine" retreat in July.


Spring is a natural time to give birth to something new in your life.

Life moves in cycles. The earth moves with seasons. The creation cycle is reflected through the seasons of the year. And throughout nature, spring is a natural time for new things to be born.

Accordingly, it's a natural time to consider what you would like to awaken in your life in the coming year. What would you like to have for yourself?

You've had a long year of COVID to reflect on things. Surely it's time to create something new.

And all you have to do is decide what you'd like to create. And offer a simple intention. And the natural creative energy of life will respond by creating the things you would like to have in your life.

Are you ready?

So here's how it works... 

When you offer an intention it creates a partnership with Life.

As soon as you offer an intention, the energy of that intention interacts with all of life. Life immediately begins to open doorways for you to step into to unfold your intention.

And you receive the full benefit of the infinite creative potential of Life. With conventional goal attainment, you are limited to what your conscious mind can see and understand. And you can create some beautiful things this way.

But when you offer a clear intention and partner with Life, Life presents opportunities and doorways that your conscious mind cannot begin to conceive of.

So whether you intend a new relationship or a livelihood in line with your life purpose, doorways begin to open. All you need to do is recognize the doorways and find the courage to step through them.

But without your clear intention, Life does not have a blueprint to create your new life.

Sure life will still create things in your life, that's its nature. But it's your intention that informs life what to create.

And when we are not clear with what we want to create. it gives life mixed messages on what to create, 

One day we are wanting this, so life begins to unfold that. Then we say, "No, actually I'd like this and then Life begins to create that. So we end up with a little of this and little of that.

Isn't it time you offered a clear intention so Life can magically create your new life?

The Good News Is...

Offering a clear intention enlists the entire universe to unfold it with you.

By participating in the Dream Interpretation Group you can develop the following qualities to allow you to understand the clear guidance your dreams are trying to provide you:

  • Identify what you would like to create in your life.
  • Experience the new element You would like to create in your life.
  • Identify the obstacles that may prevent you from Integrating your intention
  • Create and clarify your Intention.
  • Offer your intention in a ceremony

YES, these outcomes are totally within reach for you (whether you’ve never thought much about your dreams or participated in a dream group before)...

... but they DO depend on taking a clear-cut, intuitive approach.

If this seems fascinating to you (like it does me), then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the Dream Interpretation Group.

But first...


Michael Hoffman

I've been guiding people to offer a clear intention to create the things they would like in their lives for the past 15 years.

When I'm not attending meditation retreats, enjoying nature, or rooting for the Minnesota Vikings, I'm creating personal programs for people to awaken their spiritual well-being and purpose into their daily lives.

I do this by guiding and supporting one person at a time to tune into the spiritual truth and guidance that's presenting itself to them.

I developed the Spring Equinox Intensive as a clear, step-by-step approach to offer a clear intention to create the things you would like in your life. 

So come join me to get really clear on the things that you truly want to create in your life. We'll get it dialed so you can live the life you aspire to.

Word on the Street

"I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your Metamorphosis Weekend Workshop. It came at an ideal time for me after my breast cancer treatment was concluded. I was at loose ends wondering what I wanted to make of my life now.

Your enthusiasm and conviction that we can make our dreams come true were contagious. I felt like you really loved each one of us as we are, and for whom we wanted to become, even though we did not know who that was.

It felt like you were “in the trenches” pulling for us as much as we were for ourselves. You guided us in a very organized and emotionally safe environment. I felt like I could trust you with the “scary stuff”. You are obviously very experienced at helping people this way.

And I really loved the ending. It seemed like you really believed that we were going to change our lives and you wanted to give us very practical daily techniques for making it happen.

You took the whole weekend experience and reminded us it was real and that it was up to us. I just loved hearing you say “EXCELLENT” after everything we said. When you are making itty-bitty baby steps nothing feels better.”

~ Norine Kruse

Spring Equinox Shamanic Ceremony Intensive

with Michael Hoffman

Saturday, 3/16/24, 9 am - 5 pm at the Island Fire Pit in Ashland's scenic Lithia Park.

This intensive will allow you to identify new elements that you would like to awaken in your life. It will then guide you to craft and offer a clear intention so you can integrate these elements into your life.

Ceremonies include a Medicine Wheel, Sharing Circle, Prayer Wheel, and Sacred Pipe Ceremony. 

The Island Fire Pit is in Lithia Park just south (away from downtown) of the Parks Office and between the Cotton Memorial and Hillside on a small island in Ashland Creek. There's a parking area off Granite Street. 

Here are the broad strokes of the Spring Equinox Intensive. Times are approximate:

  • 8:30 am: Check-in and get situated.
  •  9 am: Prayer Wheel Ceremony: Identify the Elements You Want to Awaken in Your Life. The Prayer Wheel is a powerful ceremony where you can identify and claim the internal elements of your Medicine such as trust, strength, discernment, and clarity. 
  • 10:15 am: Smudge and Fire Awakening Ceremony: Purification and Awakening. Smudging blesses and awakens us for ceremony. We awaken the sacred fire by inviting Spirit and the energy of the Earth to dance with us.
  • 10:30 am: Sharing Circle: The Things You Would Have for Yourself and Obstacles to Allowing Them in Your Life. We begin this circle by imagining the things we would like to have for ourselves. There are typically obstacles that have prevented us from allowing the things that we truly want in our lives. They may be fears or limiting beliefs. We bring awareness to these obstacles and explore ways that we can disempower them. This creates space for the new elements in your life and allows you to hold them and not push them away when they present themselves. 
  • 12:00 to 1:00 pm (approximately) Lunch Break. We will walk downtown to grab a bite to eat.
  • 1:00 pm: Medicine Wheel Ceremony. We will begin by building the Medicine Wheel according to our shamanic tradition. Bringing consciousness and intentionality to the Medicine Wheel or wheel of life allows you to effectively navigate the developmental phases of the various changes, cycles, and aspects of your life.
  • 2:30 pm: Sharing Circle: Craft Your Intention and Awaken Your Medicine Bag. There are important qualities to include in your intention that make it clear, powerful, and effective. The Sharing Circle provides guidance to create your clear intention for the things you wish to create in your life. Medicine bags are pouches we put symbolic things in and carry over our hearts to awaken our medicine and the things we would have for ourselves.
  • 4 pm: Sacred Pipe Ceremony: Offer your Intention. This intensive would not be complete without actually offering your intention in a ceremony. Ceremony is a place where we invite all of life to witness and support the offering of our intention. Offering your intention energetically creates new elements in our lives. It is only a matter of time before these things will take form in your life. This creates a rite of passage to a new life that includes the new elements you wish to awaken.
  • 5 pm: Intensive Ends.

Spring Equinox Shamanic Ceremony Intensive Workshop


  • In-person Spiritual Intensive Workshop, Saturday, 3/16/24, 9 am - 5 pm,  2673 Takelma Way, Ashland, Oregon.
  • Ceremonies include Medicine Wheel, Sharing Circle, Prayer Wheel, and Sacred Pipe Ceremony.
  • Includes lunch: Vegan and gluten-free options.
  • Bring clothing to sit outside around a propane fire if weather permits. Otherwise, we'll be inside.
  • Lodging is available two minutes from the intensive at the Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites.
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