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Allowing In

While the masculine dynamic involves offering energy out from within as in creating an intention, the feminine or receptive is about allowing energy in from outside ourselves.

Think of human sexuality and anatomy- the masculine releases out and the feminine allows in.

Women and men have access to both of these energies. Both are essential and they work together inside of us. We might allow energy in (feminine) to discern what is going on around us and then offer our intent or gift out (masculine).

This is the time of the year of the receptive, the feminine. With the decreased sunlight and shorter days, things are naturally more introspective and internal.

This features allowing energy in. And, in a culture that is largely oriented around offering our energy out, this offers an opportunity to work with a much-needed skill.

To allow energy in we have to first stop pushing our energy out. We tend to habitually push our energy out. Making something happen is often pushing our energy out.

Anger, control, and willful intent all push energy out. To allow energy in, we have to consciously stop pushing, open our hearts, and allow energy to come in.

When we allow energy in we have to open our hearts and feel. This feels vulnerable and can feel scary if we are not used to it.

But once we allow energy in, we can access all of our internal resources in our walk through life. The energy moves through our chakras or energy centers so we can have clear perception, pure feeling, and intuition.

In other words, we clearly see what is going on around us, we feel how we fit in that experience, and then intuitively know what to say and do.

But allowing energy in requires us to walk with our hearts open. We have to be willing to feel. We have to get out of our heads. We have to let go of control and surrender to feeling the experience we are in.

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