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Letting a Phase of Your Life Fall Away

collaborative creation Jan 31, 2021

Video Blog Summary: Letting A Phase of Your Life Fall Away

One of the dimensions of the Medicine Wheel is that it brings awareness to the various cycles of your life. All of the phases in your life have a cycle or lifespan.

So in my tradition of the Medicine Wheel, things are born in the east and develop in the south in their adolescence. They mature in the west and find mastery in the north.

The space of the north, which correlates with this time of year, is a natural time of introspection. And one of the things you are introspecting is what stage or place on the Medicine Wheel each of the cycles in your life is in.

One of the intentions of this time of introspection is to shed light on when you stay engaged in a cycle after it's completed its natural course. And when you stay involved with and attached to something after its time, it begins to become haywire, unproductive, or unbalanced. It could become addictive, willful, depressing, or oppressive.

The longer...

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Gratitude for our Partnership with Life

collaborative creation Nov 23, 2020

Video Blog Summary:

I think we sometimes lack gratitude due to a misunderstanding that’s based on a misperception of our relationship with life, God, spirit, or the universe.

If you don’t understand the nature of the relationship with life, how can you have true gratitude toward it? Our life thrives when we have a clear partnership with life.

Life and you create things together. You set an intention, life helps unfold that intention, you step into it, life supports you, and so on.

So you can have gratitude for the partnership, for the connection. That’s what I’m grateful for. Even more so than the things I have. I’m grateful that life is willing to create things with me and support me to experience things.

We usually fail this type of gratitude by discounting one or the other partners in this partnership.

We may discount life and believe that we alone are creating things. We discount that life supported us in the things we create in our lives.


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Embracing Uncertainty

collaborative creation Nov 16, 2020

Video Blog Summary: Embracing Uncertainty

We never really know what’s going to happen. Sometimes we create a story to tell ourselves we know what’s going to happen. Then we feel safe again. But we never really know.

COVID and its social isolation have put the fact that we don’t know what’s going to happen in our face. We don’t know when COVID is going to end or when we can freely plan our lives again. So, we are left sitting with the uncertainty of life.

What if we just accepted that we don’t know what’s go to happen? Never did, never will. What if we embraced the uncertainty?

Even though we do not know what’s go to happen, we can still create things. We can still intend things. It’s just that we do not know exactly what form they will take.

But this is what makes life exciting. If we know what was going to happen in a movie, it would not be very exciting or enjoyable.

It's not knowing what’s going to happen...

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Unconscious Intention

collaborative creation Nov 04, 2020

When people refer to intention, they are mostly referring to conscious intention. When we offer an intention, it interacts with life and opens doorways to create things in our lives.

But even when we are not conscious of all of our intentions, we are still offering intentions all the time. And these unconscious intentions are often undermining our conscious intentions and creating unfortunate outcomes.

Our unconscious intentions have an energy signature. Think of it as the DNA or programming of our intention that is creating things. Our unresolved fear and limiting belief systems are ingrained in our unconscious intentions.

The way out of this is to become conscious of our unconscious intentions so they no longer create unfortunate things in our lives.

The best time to approach this is when we experience an unfortunate outcome. When you get an outcome that you didn't consciously intend, it is an opportunity to trace it back to the unconscious intention that created it.

If your...

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What Are You Harvesting?

collaborative creation Sep 28, 2020

It's the time of harvest! In order to complete this cycle of the medicine wheel, we have to claim the value we have been developing in ourselves. This video explores the value you have created this past year (even if you did not realize it).

Now I am going to assume it has been an interesting year for you. With COVID, quarantines, and social distancing, our ways of socializing and interacting have been severely altered.

But make no mistake, you still developed something powerful and significant in yourself. You still have something that's essential to harvest.

Now is the time to harvest or glean the value of what you have been working with. Claiming its value or 'getting the lesson' creates completion.

So what is the value of you spending more time with yourself? What has it allowed to develop in yourself?

What is the value of spending more (or perhaps less) time with your family?

And... what is the value of feeling loneliness, isolation, or sadness?

One of my friends...

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Spring Intentions

collaborative creation Apr 01, 2019

Are you ready for spring? In my tradition of the medicine wheel, the new year starts in the spring. Spring is when a new cycle of your life is born. This is readily apparent in nature with plants sprouting and animals giving birth in the spring.

To be clear, spring is when the essence of your new cycle is conceived, so it may not have taken form yet. It's also when your intention naturally begins to issue forth from you to create the new things you would have for yourself.

Accordingly, it is a critical time to get clear with your intention. Whether your intention is conscious or not, it will issue forth and begin to create things in your life.

Carrying an unconscious intention leads to recreating old patterns over and over- perpetuating a karmic cycle of sorts. So now is the time to consciously choose your intention. That way you can create something new that you desire for yourself.

Chances are, the winter has given you ample opportunity for introspection....

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Open Doorways and the Best-laid Plans

collaborative creation Dec 04, 2018

Whether we realize it or not, we carry an intention for the things we want in our life. Life is constantly partnering with us to actualize the thing we intend for ourselves. Life is perpetually guiding us to what we intend by presenting doorways for us to step into. 

I recently missed the boat. I was tired on an evening after many days of hard work and had planned to relax and watch a movie at home by myself. Some things unfolded at the last minute that led me to be indirectly invited to dinner at the home of some people I knew.

I was not able to shift toward going as I told myself that I was really tired and "not really invited." I retreated home to watch my movie.

When I awoke the next morning, I realized that perhaps life had other plans for me that night, but I was too attached to my pre-determined plan. Life had presented a doorway for me to explore.

I wonder what was there for me. I...

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Unexpected Transitions and Windows of Openness

collaborative creation Mar 14, 2018

An unexpected transition occurs when something happens that forces you to reevaluate and change your life. When things are going well, there is little incentive to make a personal change. 

But then life happens. Just when you think your life is stable, something upsets your apple cart. Suddenly, you find yourself navigating a divorce, career change, or family crisis. 

While such transitions may be disorienting, they create a window of openness to reevaluate your life.

In my experience, the window of openness usually stays open for two to three months or so until we find new homeostasis of perceived stability.

After that time, we often decide, things are looking up. We do not need reflection and counseling anymore. The acute emotional pain and fear of the crisis have subsided. We are relieved and mutter to ourselves. “Phew, that one was pretty rough.”

So next time you find yourself in an...

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The Unique Actualization of your Dream

collaborative creation Feb 19, 2015

We all have or have had dreams for our life. It might be to have a family, start a business, or live more simply on some acreage.

Our dream often starts with a vision. We create an idealized picture of how it will be. This allows us to create an intention and blueprint for our dream.

From our intention and our willingness to take action, doors and possibilities begin to unfold.

Our dream or vision begins to take form. It intersects and collides with other people such as family members, friends, business partners, and employees.

The people involved along with the conditions going on in the environment, and our state of consciousness at the time all affect how the dream actualizes itself.

I have actually had the same dream actualize differently at different times of my life with different people and different conditions. I have had the same business plan take on a whole new feel and way of doing business at different times with different employees, vendors, and clientele.

Or perhaps...

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New and Formless

collaborative creation Apr 04, 2013

It is springtime- the perfect time of the year for new aspects of you to be born. Often, the new aspects that emerge do not have any form.

They are still pure concepts or ideas. You may have a feeling or picture of it, but not yet understand how it will unfold. It may not be clear how it fits into your life. It may not make sense.

This is natural. Do not discard it because you don't understand it. Rather, stay with it. Work with the feeling and idea until it slowly begins to take form. Over this coming year and cycle, you will see what to do with it.

So find a way to relate to it. Remind yourself of the picture or feeling of it. Explore it. Research it. Play with it. Meditate or pray on it. Write about it. Do some artwork or something creative with it. Make a collage or dream board of it. Tell your trusted friend about it. Find a way to work with it until it can unfold. Remind yourself of it every day.

But do not let it fade away. Do not forget about it. This how...

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