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An Open versus Closed Energy System


Video Blog Summary: An Open versus Closed Energy System

In this case, open and closed systems refer to how we relate to life energy. Our chakras, or energy centers in our body, function as energy sensors. They sense the life energy that flows through them.

In an open system, we allow in the energy of life and the experience we are in. We are open, so when we listen to our friend, we allow her energy in. As her energy flows through our third eye chakra, we clearly see who she is and what is going on with her.

When her energy moves through our heart chakra, we empathize or feel with her since we are actually sensing her energy. And as her energy drops into our solar plexus chakra, it ignites a call for action, and we intuitively respond in accordance with what she is sharing with us. This open system of course requires us to be vulnerable in that we’re feeling the experience we’re in.

In a closed system, on the other hand, we are not allowing in the energy of the...

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Stop Withholding Your Truth


Video Blog Summary:

Speaking your truth and genuinely expressing what you feel is natural. We only have difficulty with this when we withhold what we're prompted to say.

We withhold things because we are conditioned to believe it's not safe to freely express what comes to us.

It’s like the thought bubble in a cartoon comes to us and we keep it to ourselves.

When we don’t speak our truth and freely express our feelings, our throat chakra becomes blocked and does not function properly. 

I have found many women to have throat chakra blocks due to the way they are conditioned in our culture. It takes great courage to trust what our heart is saying to us and speak our truth.

It’s natural to allow the experience we are to come into our third eye so we can clearly see things as they are. From there it naturally drops down into our heart allowing us to feel connection and empathy.

As the energy of the...

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Unfold Your Intuitive Self with Ann Coughlin Video Blog


Michael Hoffman interviews Ann Coughlin about her work around helping people access their natural psychic abilities over the past twenty years. Watch Ann clearly and practically describe how to unfold your innate intuition in terms that you can understand. She also introduces her upcoming workshop.

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Alternate Reality

Science fiction has long worked with the idea of there being alternate realities. In my recent Developing Your Personal Practice class, I used the notion of an alternate reality to describe what it is like to be separate from the experience that you are in.

In the absence of being open and allowing the energy of the experience in, we are not truly part of the actual experience.

We, therefore, do not directly experience and know what is really going on. Rather, we are separate (usually in our head) and process the experience without being connected to it.

With the lack of direct knowledge about the experience, we begin to make assumptions in our intellect about what is going on. This creates an alternate reality.

There is the true reality of what is happening and our alternate reality of what is happening.

To make matters worse, we believe that our alternate reality is the true reality. And further, that everybody else has experienced our alternate reality.


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The Integrity of Letting It Come to You


“Let your prayer come to you.” It is what I tell people all the time when we are doing ceremony. The intent is to get beyond your intellect and pray from your heart.

This also works for acting from your intuition. Intuitive knowing comes to you when you allow the energy of the experience in and then let your intuition come to you. And if nothing comes to you, there might not be much to say. So you continue to listen.

I first learned of this when I was interpreting dreams. My teacher was strict about only offering an interpretation when it came to me intuitively. This, he claimed, helped me stay in my integrity as a teacher.

So inevitably a client would tell me a dream sequence and nothing would come to me. Now what?

I would ask them to tell me more about one of the characters in the dream or the setting. And most times an intuitive interpretation would eventually come to me.

Several times I would still not get an intuitive sense about someone's dream by...

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Allowing In

While the masculine dynamic involves offering energy out from within as in creating an intention, the feminine or receptive is about allowing energy in from outside ourselves.

Think of human sexuality and anatomy- the masculine releases out and the feminine allows in.

Women and men have access to both of these energies. Both are essential and they work together inside of us. We might allow energy in (feminine) to discern what is going on around us and then offer our intent or gift out (masculine).

This is the time of the year of the receptive, the feminine. With the decreased sunlight and shorter days, things are naturally more introspective and internal.

This features allowing energy in. And, in a culture that is largely oriented around offering our energy out, this offers an opportunity to work with a much-needed skill.

To allow energy in we have to first stop pushing our energy out. We tend to habitually push our energy out. Making something happen is often...

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Things are Talking to You

On the way to the airport early Friday morning, I noticed the blue light on my car cell phone charger. It seemed unusually bright. Then it hit me. I am going to need that on my trip. I would have forgotten it.

Things talk to you all the time. To be clear, it is not the things talking, it is your inner consciousness pointing things out to you. This is sometimes referred to as your instincts or intuition.

I experience this as noticing things. Things kind of stand out. They may seem out of place, peculiar, or to have a strange vibe. Your inner consciousness is highlighting or calling attention to things for you to notice.

I notice it when I am packing for a trip. It is like things want to come along on the trip. Surely you have experienced this.

You might say I saw the umbrella or the sunscreen right before the trip, but it was or wasn’t supposed to rain. Your inner consciousness knew better. It was trying to guide you.

Our inner consciousness and intuition are constantly...

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Internal Resources

We are trained to look outside of ourselves for answers. But our truth lies inside, along with our instincts, intuition, and spiritual connection. But in order to tap into these things, we have to develop our internal resources.

Like all skills, these resources are developed by using them. In other words, by going inside for answers. By breaking the habit of looking outside of ourselves for them.

Internal resources are developed by asking yourself how you feel about something. And by asking yourself what you think. 

By questioning what the outside is telling you and going inside to see if it feels right. After a while, we learn to trust our internal resources.

You can teach your child or student or client or friend to develop and trust their internal resources. It involves asking them what they think and what they feel a lot. It is one of the greatest gifts that you can give someone.

Try it out. The next time you see yourself or someone looking outside for the answer,...

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