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An Open versus Closed Energy System

Feb 15, 2021

Video Blog Summary: An Open versus Closed Energy System

In this case, open and closed systems refer to how we relate to life energy. Our chakras, or energy centers in our body, function as energy sensors. They sense the life energy that flows through them.

In an open system, we allow in the energy of life and the experience we are in. We are open, so when we listen to our friend, we allow her energy in. As her energy flows through our third eye chakra, we clearly see who she is and what is going on with her.

When her energy moves through our heart chakra, we empathize or feel with her since we are actually sensing her energy. And as her energy drops into our solar plexus chakra, it ignites a call for action, and we intuitively respond in accordance with what she is sharing with us. This open system of course requires us to be vulnerable in that we’re feeling the experience we’re in.

In a closed system, on the other hand, we are not allowing in the energy of the experience we’re in. We do not need to be open or vulnerable. We tend to stay in our heads and think about the things that are happening around us.

So we hear what our friend is saying without allowing her energy in. Then we intellectually process what we hear her saying and respond back to her based on what we think is going on with her.

So the only energy that moves through our chakras is our own energy. It’s the intellectual energy of what we are thinking about and believe is going on in the world around us. We end up feeling our thoughts, thinking about what we feel, which leads to feeling those thoughts, and so on. It’s a closed energy loop that feeds on itself. So we kind of stew in our own juices.

And all of this has very little to do with the experience we’re in. It’s like an alternate reality that we contrived about the experience we’re in. We created it based on our thoughts and belief systems which may or may not be true.

And we ultimately make this choice of interacting in an open or closed energy system for each experience are we in. They are entirely different ways to experience life.

Check out the above video blog where I develop this in further detail.

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