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Connection or Separation?

spiritual integration Sep 25, 2009

Everything we say or do either creates connection or separation with people and all of life.

I have found this not only to be true- but to be an excellent overall guide when making decisions and navigating life.

When considering whether to say or do something, simply ask yourself, "Will saying or doing that create connection or separation with people and life?"

If the answer is connection- I proceed. If it is separation- I either pass on it or find a way to say or do it that creates connection.

It is when I do not consider this that I tend to create experiences that I regret.

It is also useful in evaluating and learning from past experiences. Simply ask yourself, "Did saying or doing that create connection or separation?"

And then you can follow that by, "Next time, I can create more connection and less separation by..."

The more connection that we allow in our lives- the more happiness, security, and strength we experience.

Best wishes connecting with those around you.

Photo by Andre Furtado from Pexels

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