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Feel Trapped? See All the Possibilities.

removing obstacles Jan 24, 2011

Feeling trapped is not a pleasant feeling. Oppression comes from the inability to see the possibilities available to you. So being trapped ultimately is an illusion. But when you are in the middle of it, it sure feels real.

The first thing to understand is that the source of the oppression is inside of you. You could argue that clearly your job or boss is oppressing you. At one level this is true.

But there is something inside of you that is allowing the job, coworker, boss, or ex- to oppress you. This thing is a mistaken belief about yourself in relation to the world. You acquired this belief from a past experience. I call this karma or unfinished business.

You can resolve your oppression by allowing yourself to see all the possibilities- even if they do not seem tenable. So first, create a list. Keep everything on the table. Get perspective from people who can see the forest from the trees.

Secondly, pick a few of these possibilities from your list and make them potentials. Seek out new jobs, careers, friends, employees, or places to live. Create some open doorways.

For example, if have other job possibilities, you can take more risks with the job that you have.

You can be stronger, more assertive, and take less crap from your boss or coworker(s). You can let them know what your terms are. You can set parameters for where you are willing and not willing to go with them.

As you walk through this and empower yourself, it will become evident how you allowed yourself to be oppressed- how you limited yourself.

Then you never have to allow some power monger or tyrant to have that kind of control over you again. They do not deserve it.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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