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Finding the Flow of Your Life

Aug 08, 2021

Video Blog Transcription:

The name of this talk is “Finding the Flow of Your Life.” So I've really been noticing lately that there's a natural flow to my life, and I've been noticing when I'm in it and sometimes I'm outside of it.

And what I've found to be true is that when we're in our flow, life will provide us abundance, joy, and the experiences we're looking for. This includes the answer to our prayers, fulfillment of our intention, or the things that we want, and we're trying to create in our lives.

Those things naturally happen. It's like this collaboration with life, and it's providing these things in the flow of our life. So if we're in the flow, doors are opening, and we're getting opportunities, and we're meeting the right people, and we're enjoying our life.

But if we're outside of it, we're out of alignment with it, and then we're out of sync, and we miss this joyous and abundant life. A couple of ways we get out of sync include if I'm pushing or kind of forcing things to happen, I'm kind of driven, I'm making it happen.

What happens with this is I kind of get out in front of the flow of my life a little bit. It's like, I'm out here, and the flow is back here. And so I'm out of sync. So life is presenting all kinds of cool experiences for me here, but I'm out in front of it.

And I may be totally oblivious. I may be saying, “I'm working hard out here, why am I not experiencing the connection and love I'm looking for? What am I doing wrong?” Well, to solve what I'm doing wrong, I just take a deep breath and fall back into my flow. It's all right there for me. At least that's what I've experienced.

The other way that we can get out of sync with ourselves is if we're being passive, or we're stuck in our resistance or fear, or we're kind of outside looking into life. And then what happens is its kind of like we're lagging behind the natural flow of our life.

The flow is happening, and I'm kind of on the sidelines looking at it, or thinking about it, or resisting it or avoiding it. And then life's out in front of me. And so then what I can do is take a deep breath and kind of join the natural flow of my life again.

So a great place to start with getting kind of back into the flow of our life is to notice what it feels like to be in our flow and to be outside of it. And I know we've all experienced both.

So I know you've experienced when you're kind of in your flow, and it just feels like everything's right there for you. It's almost effortless. Things are happening. Doors are opening. You're meeting the right people. It's almost kind of magical.

Now it's not all roses. You can have tough lessons, but it feels like you're in your life, and you're right there, and you're experiencing what you need to experience whether it's happy or sad.

Contrarily, I know we've all experienced this when we're out of sync or outside of the flow of our life. And it just feels like we're out of alignment, and we may think, “Why isn't my life happening? What am I doing?” And that has a feeling too.

So both of these have a feeling and those feelings can provide like kind of a point of reference of whether we're in the flow of our life or not.

So then in a practical sense, when you notice that you're outside of your flow, you're not in your flow, it's actually a really powerful thing to notice. Because then you can adjust, and you can do something to get back into your flow.

Maybe you take a deep breath, or you go for a walk, or you take a break or you kind of break the energy of the thing that's blocking you from being in your flow. You can say, “Let's shake this out and start over again.”

Another thing you can do to find your flow is to ask yourself, “What would be a natural way that this experience would unfold itself?” And, “What I'm doing now, does that feel natural? Or does it feel kind of contrived or pushed, or like I'm working too hard?”

There's almost like this natural simplicity of just allowing the experience to happen when we're in our flow. When we're complicating things, we get out of our flow. So it's like getting back into that simple, allowing it to happen.

That's one of the reasons I named my business “natural way of being.” A lot of this phrase is pointing to when we're in our flow, the natural flow of our life, we're in our natural way of being, and that's where life happens.

Some people call it being present because that's where life happens. We're in our flow, we're being present. We're lined up with our life.

So anyway, that is my talk or blog for this week. Thank you for watching. I hope that you have an awesome week and that you find the natural flow of your life this week. I'll see you next week.

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