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Gratitude for our Partnership with Life

collaborative creation Nov 23, 2020

Video Blog Summary:

I think we sometimes lack gratitude due to a misunderstanding that’s based on a misperception of our relationship with life, God, spirit, or the universe.

If you don’t understand the nature of the relationship with life, how can you have true gratitude toward it? Our life thrives when we have a clear partnership with life.

Life and you create things together. You set an intention, life helps unfold that intention, you step into it, life supports you, and so on.

So you can have gratitude for the partnership, for the connection. That’s what I’m grateful for. Even more so than the things I have. I’m grateful that life is willing to create things with me and support me to experience things.

We usually fail this type of gratitude by discounting one or the other partners in this partnership.

We may discount life and believe that we alone are creating things. We discount that life supported us in the things we create in our lives.

Or we give all the credit to life and discount our own part in its creation. This may be based on low self-worth with regard to our relationship with life, God, or spirit.

This discrediting of ourselves can be reflected in our gratitude. It may be expressed as: “I’m so grateful. Here I am this lowly nothing, and yet God or universe bestowed all this abundance to me.”

Of course, any gratitude is amazing. But perhaps extending gratitude based on an equal partnership with life might clarify and deepen our gratitude.

Check out the above video blog where I flesh this out in further detail.

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