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Grieving the Things You Did Not Allow Yourself

Mar 30, 2021

Video Blog Summary: Grieving the Things You Did Not Allow Yourself

The last two video blogs have been about leveraging the energy of spring to awaken new things in your life. This blog continues to expand this idea.

There are two truths that provide a foundation for awakening things in your life. First, when you intend something in your life, it is natural for it to awaken it in your life.

Secondly, the only thing that can get in the way of awakening the thing you want in your life is you not allowing it. And the emphasis is on you. Only you can disallow it. Now it may feel like it is something outside of you disallowing it. But it was you.

So part of offering an intention effectively is looking at how you disallow the things you want in your life. And once you start looking at this, you inevitably feel the sadness for you not allowing the things that mattered most to you.

This sadness needs to be grieved. This the perfect time to look back at things you did not allow yourself. Your mind tends to naturally do this, so just go with it. Just notice the things that you did not allow yourself, and then let yourself feel the loss and sadness. This heals the space.

And sometimes this happens after you allow the new thing in your life. After you allow it, it's undeniable that it was possible all along and all you had to do was allow it. Perhaps you have had the thought, "Why didn't I allow myself to have this years ago?"

So there may be this odd mixture of feelings. You may feel joy and sadness. Have you ever had tears and not known if they were tears of joy or tears of sadness? There may have been some of both. Just let yourself feel whatever is there and after a while, the sadness dissipates.

So once you allow something new in your life, or get serious about allowing it, you are going to have to look at and feel how you did not allow it previously. It just goes with the territory.

But what a small price to pay for allowing the things you really wanted in your life. Because all that really matters is whether or not you allow the things you want in your life now.

Check out the above video blog where I develop this in further detail.

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