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How I see it

Oct 11, 2021

Video Blog Transcription:

When you speak your truth, in essence, you're saying, “This is how I see it.” You're saying, "In this moment, this is how I see the world." Because your way of seeing things is totally unique to you. It's a unique perspective.

No one else on the planet sees things exactly the same way you do. I mean how could they? They've had different life experiences than you have. Your life experiences inform the way you see the world. 

So your view of the world, your truth, is inherently valuable to the world. It could be the exact perspective that the person you're talking to needs to hear or see. It could be something that they're not able to see, but hearing your view awakens it for them.

So you can speak your truth in the sense of “this is how I see it”. You're not saying that your truth is true in an absolute sense. You're not saying that my truth or the way I see it is right, and your truth and the way you see it is wrong.

Because when you speak your truth from your heart, it's not contentious. Speaking your truth is not argumentative. It's not overbearing. You're just sharing the way you see things. You're just sharing your experience of the world. You're sharing how it looks to you, and how it feels to you.

And then if you like, you can ask another person how it looks to them. It will inevitably be different. But if you're doing it in this way, you're sharing from the heart, both views will be respected and honored, because you don't need the other person to have the same truth as you do.

You don't need them to see the world or the experience the same way you do, because you're good with your experience. If you trust your experience, why would you need another person to see it the same way? The world already has one person that sees it your way; it doesn't need another.

And this way of sharing each other's truth is a real inroad to intimacy. I always saw intimacy as exposure and discovery. It's exposing the way I see the world, and it's discovering how he or she sees the world.

So then you can watch a sunset together and say, my experience of the sunset is this... This is how I see the sunset. And then you can ask, how did you see the sunset? And the other person will say, “Oh, I saw it like this...”

And of course, both of these views are correct. They don't invalidate each other. Even if they're totally different or contradict each other, they just add richness. And you're getting to experience how the world looks to another person and share how it looks to you.

It inevitably allows you to feel close- like you're not alone. You're unique, and yet you're sharing that uniqueness with someone else and celebrating their uniqueness. So how cool is that?

So anyway, that is my talk for this week. I hope that you enjoyed it. I hope you have an awesome week, and you're able to share how you see the world and discover how other people see it. I will see you in a week.

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