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Intermediate Doorways

Sep 25, 2023

Video Summary:

Collaborative creation is when we offer an intention, it interacts with Spirit or the universe, and then Spirit offers doorways and experiences that allow our intention to unfold and take form in our lives. In contrast, willful creation is when we envision a specific goal in our minds and make it happen.

Collaborative creation can take you places beyond what willful creation can because you're teaming up with Spirit. Collaborating with Spirit allows you to unfold things that you couldn't see or comprehend with your mind.

There's this phase of collaborative creation that sometimes happens after we offer our intention. It may feel like we're waiting for doorways to open so the thing we intended to appear in our life. Sometimes it feels like nothing is happening. But perhaps things are happening, and we're just not aware that they are.

I talk about three types of doorways in my book, Natural Way of Being. The first is old doorways which are based on old patterns. A second is new doorways which present the new relationship, community, or job that we want to create. The third, less considered type is intermediate doorways.

With intermediate doorways, Spirit is offering us experiences to get us to a place where we can allow a new doorway to unfold. For example, say I want a truly loving relationship. I put an intention out for a relationship with lots of love and yet I have self-beliefs and patterns that limit my ability to receive love.

Upon receiving such an intention Spirit is left with, “Well, he was serious about his intention and we want to help him out. So let's send him some experiences so he can grow to accept more love.”

These are intermediate doorways. They might be in the form of a road trip with a friend, a heart chakra workshop, a bizarre dream, a spiritual practice, or an unexpected heart-breaking experience.

And sometimes it's a timing thing. I may be not strong enough to hold that amount of love yet. Perhaps I haven't let go of the last relationship enough to be able to allow a new one. Now my mind may think I've let that go already. But there may be some deeper levels of loss that need time to heal in my heart.

So the invitation is to notice when you're in this lull. You've offered the intention and it feels like nothing is happening. Pay attention to what experiences are coming your way. Each of these types of doorways has different vibrations and a different feel which can help you discern which is which.

The only kind that we don't want to spend much time with are the old doorways. So if you feel and recognize the vibration of an old doorway, let it pass. If you get seduced into one, simply notice it and move on. And since it’s a lull, the new doorways do not seem to be coming just yet. But what is coming?

There are these experiences coming that don't feel like my old pattern, and yet they don't seem to be a new doorway. Is it an intermediate doorway? If you engage and participate in it, it will expand you to hold the amount of love and abundance needed to step into the new doorway when it arrives.

What do you think?

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