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Letting a Phase of Your Life Fall Away

Jan 31, 2021

Video Blog Summary: Letting A Phase of Your Life Fall Away

One of the dimensions of the Medicine Wheel is that it brings awareness to the various cycles of your life. All of the phases in your life have a cycle or lifespan.

So in my tradition of the Medicine Wheel, things are born in the east and develop in the south in their adolescence. They mature in the west and find mastery in the north.

The space of the north, which correlates with this time of year, is a natural time of introspection. And one of the things you are introspecting is what stage or place on the Medicine Wheel each of the cycles in your life is in.

One of the intentions of this time of introspection is to shed light on when you stay engaged in a cycle after it's completed its natural course. And when you stay involved with and attached to something after its time, it begins to become haywire, unproductive, or unbalanced. It could become addictive, willful, depressing, or oppressive.

The longer you stay engaged with the cycle after it's completed its natural course, the more oppressive it feels. You may begin to feel angry and trapped by it. There’s a tendency to feel like a victim of it and get mad at your lot in life- even though you were the one that created it.

Here’s an example from my life. One of the phases of my life this past year has been working on my website, logo, and publishing my book. During 2020, it had this expansive feeling of making progress and like I was getting things done that I had been putting off for years. So I would work late and then watch a movie to unwind.

But recently I’ve been getting a sense that it’s time for this phase of my life to pass. I’ve been experiencing this as a feeling that it’s not as fulfilling as it was. It’s lost its joy and passion. It’s feeling more constricting and less expansive like it used to feel. That’s when I know this phase of my life is no longer serving me, and it’s time to do something else.

So once you notice this, there’s no need to force yourself to immediately stop doing all the things associated with the previous phase. Rather, you can just notice it and bring awareness to it. When a cycle completes itself, it naturally falls away if you do not continue to engage with it. So all you have to do is to stop engaging in the cycle and allow it to fall away in the way and time that it needs to.

And as you let it fall away, it opens up room in your heart for something new to be born in your life. You move around the Medicine Wheel to create something new in space of the east.

Check out the above video blog where I develop this in further detail.

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