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Life is Talking to You

Aug 23, 2021

Video Blog Transcription:

Did you ever feel like life was talking to you? And by life I mean, in terms of whatever your belief system is- it could be God, Spirit, Jesus, the universe, or your spirit guide.

But something, some intelligent presence, whatever your beliefs are, is trying to get something across to you. They're trying to communicate and trying to say something to you.

Perhaps you're walking down the street and there's a couple talking and they pass you. And just when they pass you, there's this phrase that you hear them say right when they're walking by, and it's really profound. They might be saying something that you need to hear.

Or perhaps it could be that you have a friend or a coworker that's typically really quiet and not into saying deep things. And for whatever reason, they just say this thing to you.

And it just kind of resonates with you. And it's just like, “Whoa, that's weird, that guy doesn't usually talk like that, but it's exactly what I needed to hear. How weird is that?”

Or it could be in the form of an experience. My premise is that not only does life talk to you, but life orchestrates experiences for you as well.

So you have this weird experience that comes along and maybe you feel like it's a pain or it's inconvenient. But maybe that's exactly what you needed to experience and what you needed to learn in order to get where you needed to be.

So one of the questions I often get is, “How do you know if it's Life talking to you, if it's God talking to you, or if it's just your mind focusing on a weird thing, like self-talk or an old pattern? And that's a great question. And the best answer is that it has a different feeling.

It has a different feeling when life is talking to you, it’s a little random, you might say. It kind of comes out of nowhere, and it resonates with you. It almost has this “out of the mouths of babes” type feel to it. It's like, “Whoa, that's random.”

And it kind of rocks your world a little bit. You feel it. It's like, “Whoa, that is weird.” Sometimes people call this synchronicity.

And if it has that feeling, my counsel and my suggestion to you is obvious. Pay attention to it. My teacher always used to say, “When something like that happens and you feel it, pay attention. There's something really big for you to learn there. There's something that's really important there.”

And don't discount it. There's a real tendency for our minds, our rational minds, to discount it and say, “No, that's just too weird or you're being too woo-woo,” or whatever else. But don't discount it. Just consider it. You don't have to do much.

Just say, “Well, what if life is trying to talk to me? And what if I need to think about what that stranger just said when he was walking by?” And then just consider it and do a little inquiry around it, or do some journaling on it, and just consider it.

And from my perspective, this is totally natural. It's just energy. And to be specific, it's our own energy that creates this. And what I mean is, say you set an intention, or maybe it's like an informal intention.

Say you're out having a glass of wine with your friend, and you say to her, “I really am ready to have a close relationship. I’m ready to meet my soulmate.” And she's like, “Oh, that's really cool.” Well, that sets an intention.

The energy of your intention goes out, interacts with life, and that initiates this thing where you start hearing feedback from life. At that point, Life starts guiding us. Whatever Life is for you, God or Spirit starts guiding you. And they do that by talking to you and providing experiences.

And so let me give you an example. Say you're at a wedding. It's COVID so let's say it's an outdoor wedding. It's a summer wedding and there you are and say you're a woman, a hetero woman, and you are looking for a relationship.

And you see these two guys, and they're both kind of cute, and they're both looking at you and you think, "Well, this is interesting." And so think about how life might talk to you. I always envision it as, “No, don't talk to that guy. He's your old pattern. You want to talk to the other guy.”

And think about how would life say this? If you're a little psychic and intuitive, you might hear it. Or perhaps just when you're thinking about it, your friend might come over and say, “Oh no, that other guy's way cuter, you should go talk to him.” Maybe that's guidance from life.

Or maybe you're talking to the one guy, and he gets pulled away by his friends. And then you turn around and then there's the other guy, you almost bump into him.

These things may not be accidents. Life, the part of you that's connected to life, may be guiding you. And so my suggestion is to consider listening, allow yourself to be guided and have fun with it.

So, anyway, that's my talk for this week. I hope you have a really cool week and that you allow yourself to listen to what Life is saying to you. I'll see you in a week.

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