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Modeling Openness

Openness is the most fundamental element of establishing a natural way of being in our culture. But being open takes courage as it leaves us feeling vulnerable.

Many follow the lead when someone offers us openness, but hesitate with being open when others are not. We are selectively open. This makes sense if you do not have the skills to walk openly, but we need people to model openness when it is not the norm.

Finding a place that is safe to express and experience your heart is essential for learning to walk with your heart open.

But after you acquire some experience and skills to walk openly, it is essential to take your openness out into the world so that other people can observe and experience it.

It can be daunting to let your light shine in an environment when everyone is playing it safe. People may look at you like you are strange. And from their perspective, it is strange. Observing you being open likely feels strange and uncomfortable to them.

But if you stay with it and people get to see that it is natural and grounded, they begin to see its value.

And then one day at work, your coworker takes a risk and comes out to play. She experiences the openness and freedom. And nothing terrible happens. Pretty soon you have a friend to be open with. And then another. After all, openness is infectious.

But someone has to take the initial risk of being open. Someone has to be open even when it is not the norm or status quo.

And if not you, who? People may shake their heads or even look at you with fear. Just smile at them openly and invitingly.

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