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Navigating the Fringe

spiritual practice Jan 22, 2013

Have you ever been trying to understand something, but your mind is having difficulty grasping it? Your mind just kind of goes blank and you can't quite pull it in. Everything seems hazy and in a fog. If so, you have been to the fringe.

It often happens when you are trying to become aware of something on a higher level of consciousness or vibration. You are actually at the edge or fringe of your known reality.

It isn't always comfortable at the edge. You keep forgetting what you were thinking about and sometimes your mind just wants to go to sleep.

But navigating the fringe and working to pull in and understand what you are trying to grasp is essential for spiritual growth. You are actually expanding the parameters of your existence. Your world is literally getting bigger.

It takes a lot of energy and determination. So don't give up. You have be tenacious and stick with it until you can remember and understand.

You can push through the fringe by contemplating the thing you are trying to understand. Some spiritual teachers call it inquiry. It helps to try to get to the foundation of what you are trying to understand- to break it down to its essential elements.

But there are no magical techniques to navigate beyond the fringe- just a strong desire to know.

Photo by Jaleel Akbash on Unsplash

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