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New and Formless

collaborative creation Apr 04, 2013

It is springtime- the perfect time of the year for new aspects of you to be born. Often, the new aspects that emerge do not have any form.

They are still pure concepts or ideas. You may have a feeling or picture of it, but not yet understand how it will unfold. It may not be clear how it fits into your life. It may not make sense.

This is natural. Do not discard it because you don't understand it. Rather, stay with it. Work with the feeling and idea until it slowly begins to take form. Over this coming year and cycle, you will see what to do with it.

So find a way to relate to it. Remind yourself of the picture or feeling of it. Explore it. Research it. Play with it. Meditate or pray on it. Write about it. Do some artwork or something creative with it. Make a collage or dream board of it. Tell your trusted friend about it. Find a way to work with it until it can unfold. Remind yourself of it every day.

But do not let it fade away. Do not forget about it. This how some of the most important and powerful things get away from us.

There is something new and really beautiful that is trying to make itself known to you. But it so new and so beautiful that you may not what to do with it... yet.

Photo by Jan Schulz # Webdesigner Stuttgart on Unsplash

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