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spiritual integration Apr 12, 2016

Now is the only time you have to experience this moment. It is the only time you will have this exact blend of your awareness and what is happening. Are you allowing yourself to feel it? If you do, there is richness and beauty that is totally fulfilling.

If you do not, you may tell yourself it is no big deal, but part of you will always know that you did not allow yourself to fully feel what just happened. There is a sense of loss.

The easy way to illustrate this is to say that your son will never be 12 again. He will never be at this exact phase as a human being and you as his parent. Did you feel it?

You will never have another chance to experience this phase of your marriage or relationship. It may be frustrating or even painful, but there is a sweetness to it.

If you allow yourself to fully experience it, it will forever become a part of who and what you are. It is history in the making.

Kids and relationships are heartfelt examples, but this extends to everything. You have only this moment to experience the totality of the experience that you are in.

It will never be this way again because you and life will never be this exact way again. It is a totally unique time that you will only get once. You may try to recreate it later, but that never really works.

Are you allowing yourself to have it? There is a natural loss that ensues even if you do because part of you knows that this moment will never come again.

If you do not allow yourself to feel it, the only thing left is to experience is regret. Life happened and you missed it. Regret is the only emotion that you cannot resolve.

All you can do is accept the necessary loss of what you did not allow yourself to experience. You can heal it, but you can never get that experience back.

So here comes another day, here comes another experience. You are up at the plate. Are you present? Are you engaged?

It is your movie starring you. You have a supporting cast that is also experiencing their movie from their unique perspective.

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