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Open Doorways and the Best-laid Plans

collaborative creation Dec 04, 2018

Whether we realize it or not, we carry an intention for the things we want in our life. Life is constantly partnering with us to actualize the thing we intend for ourselves. Life is perpetually guiding us to what we intend by presenting doorways for us to step into. 

I recently missed the boat. I was tired on an evening after many days of hard work and had planned to relax and watch a movie at home by myself. Some things unfolded at the last minute that led me to be indirectly invited to dinner at the home of some people I knew.

I was not able to shift toward going as I told myself that I was really tired and "not really invited." I retreated home to watch my movie.

When I awoke the next morning, I realized that perhaps life had other plans for me that night, but I was too attached to my pre-determined plan. Life had presented a doorway for me to explore.

I wonder what was there for me. I will never know. When a doorway opens, we either have the courage to step into it- or not.

Planning your life is important, and you certainly want to honor your commitments. But perhaps your true life path is a bit more fluid than you suspected.

Perhaps you may have planned to go to the store after work, and on your way there, life (in the form of an idea or a friend texting you) might say, "Pssst, come check this out over here." 

Life is ever-changing moment by moment and constantly reformulating new possibilities to unfold your intention. But your rational mind and its best-laid plans prefers things to be more fixed and linear. It loves the perceived certainty of planning and following a pre-determined script.

So... are you spontaneous and flexible enough to explore the doorways that Life is presenting to you? Or, do you sometimes get too attached to your plans and daily routines?

Don't worry too much if you missed an open doorway as I did, another one will present itself to you soon enough.

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