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Perfection vs. Excellence

spiritual integration Feb 16, 2012

Perfection is doing something according to a preconceived notion of what the right thing to do is.  

Excellence is exploring what the right thing is in the context of the experience.


Perfection is always just out of reach.  

Excellence is immediately accessible by making a choice.


Perfection always has rules about what you need to have before something can be done.  

Excellence is working with what you have and finding a way that works.


Perfection is rigid and static.  

Excellence is flexible and adaptable.


Perfection says there is only one correct way to do something.  

Excellence says there are infinite ways to do something correctly.


Perfection is doing something by applying the correct amount of effort.  

Excellence is doing something with everything that you have.


Perfection is constrictive.  

Excellence is expansive.


Perfection is conditional.  

Excellence is a free gift.


Perfection inhibits.  

Excellence inspires.


Perfection creates tension.  

Excellence creates freedom.


Which do you choose?


Photo by Mathis Jrdl on Unsplash

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