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Power Struggle: No, You Come Into My World!

Most of us have experienced a power struggle in a relationship. No fun. But what is it really about? Many power struggles with couples are about each trying to get the other to come into their world.

The stronger or more determined of the two usually wins. The loser resents the winner; the winner loses respect for the loser.

How about a choice c.? What if a couple created a new world together. The new world would be different than either of your individual worlds. It would be based on what works for both of you.

You still get to keep your individual worlds. It is just when you are together you primarily hang out your shared world. You could also visit each other's worlds to experience and understand each other. But you focus most of your time with each other creating a world together.

This requires a shift in consciousness from "I" to "We." In your shared world, you could consider what is best for both of you when you make decisions.

You might have to give up some of your pictures of how you wanted the relationship to be- they weren't real anyway.

You may have to let go of control and being right. You may have to decorate and pick out paint together. You have to ask each other, "What do you think?" a lot.

Is it worth it? You decide. Please consider that the destruction, resentment, and loss of respect created by an ongoing power struggle are rarely resolved.

The beauty and happiness of creating a world together may far surpass the initial discomfort and fear of redefining yourself. Who knows, maybe your new world will be really cool.

There's only one way to find out.

Photo by Santiago Lacarta on Unsplash

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