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Room for the New

Apr 03, 2023

Video Summary:

A couple of weeks ago I talked about receiving your vision for the new cycle of your life and last week about offering an intention to initiate it. When you offer your intention, it creates a partnership with life or Spirit, and then Spirit will open doorways for something new. But how can we work with that?

One thing we can do is make room for something new in our lives. A great way to create space for the new thing is to suspend the old. We can suspend the old pattern, comfort zone, or go-to thing that we have been relying on.

If we’re able to notice when we’re in an old pattern while we're in an experience, we could ask, “What if I just suspended this old tendency for a little bit and see what else is here?” We could take it away from ourselves for just a minute so we can see beyond it and explore what else may be presenting itself to us.

Say you're aware of an old relationship pattern. Perhaps you tend to pick the guy that's really sure of himself and a little cocky. If you were to go to a party (or dating site) with a lot of different people there, it’s not too difficult to imagine your mind immediately gravitating to the type of person you're accustomed to.

And what if we were to then say, “Okay, I know that's my old pattern, I can always go back to him or her later, but before I do, let's see who else is here.” This might allow you to see other people that you wouldn't necessarily have noticed before and so you could go interact with them.

Maybe it's not a different type of person. Perhaps you do fine at picking people, but the way you interact with them is not working. So instead of leading with your old approach, you could experiment by taking that out of your repertoire and trying a different approach to see what that brings.

Or say you're trying to trust your intuition, and you're used to like figuring things out intellectually, which you happen to be very good at it. In this case, you could suspend that old approach.

You notice yourself seeing a problem and immediately comprehending the answer. You could say, “Hold on here, that's the answer that my intellect came up with, but what else is here? What are some other possibilities? You could act as if you don't know the answer, and feel your way through the situation. What are the clues?

We do this in our dream interpretation group. There’s a tendency to get very analytical when we interpret dreams. We may know all the symbols, mythologies, and archetypes. In our dream group, I like to approach the dream more intuitively. Then the intellectual analysis of the symbols becomes a starting point.

We might say, “The symbols say the dream means this. Okay, that's great. Now let's explore if that feels right to us?” Or maybe the symbolic interpretation is ambiguous. So let's explore the clues and wrestle around with it a little bit. Let's muck around in the unknown and see what comes to us.

This provides a huge opportunity. It gives Spirit or our intuition a chance to open a door. And now we have a chance of hearing it. Maybe Spirit or the universe is offering doors to us all the time, but we just don't hear them because we're in the middle of our known way of being and on automatic pilot.

Do realize you're going into the unknown which can be scary. You may not be as good at it. You may feel less competent and impressive. You may feel vulnerable or even awkward. Our minds tend to not like this place, so often we don't go there. But then we cheat ourselves out of experiencing something new.

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