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So You Got Your Heart Broken...

Feb 08, 2012

There seems to be this point in people’s lives when they give up. It goes back to that one painful experience that breaks them.

I have heard many of these: getting cheated on, death of someone close, loss of a job, death of a pet, a business folding. Most all of them correlate to the loss of a dream.

Since then, you have not really opened your heart as much. You are not quite as hopeful. Perhaps you have gotten a bit cynical.

I understand. But it’s time to come back. The world needs you. Your people need you. They need you to uplift and encourage them. They need you to look them in the eye and tell them to go for it.

They need you inquisitively ask them questions and understand the things that they are into. They need to see the sparkle in your eye again. They need you to care deeply.

So pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Do whatever you need to do to grieve or heal. And then start engaging in life again.

But what if you get hurt. Yes. You probably will. But you also might fall in love or find something you are passionate about.

But you promised yourself you would never open yourself up again. I know. So did I.

But what if you can't handle getting your heart broken again. You can. You are stronger than you can ever imagine. You just have to be willing to risk.

And if you do get your heart broken again… then please consider picking yourself up and dusting yourself off (again). Because it is what is needed. Besides... your people miss you.

Photo by Kyle Broad on Unsplash

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