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Stop Compressing Yourself

Apr 05, 2021

Video Blog Summary: Stop Compressing Yourself

Recently while guiding people to open their hearts, I’ve demonstrated how we tend to compress our energy (and love) by tightly clenching my hands together. I continue by unclenching and extending my hands to show when we stop compressing our energy, it expands into its natural state.

When your energy expands, you may sense it extending beyond the edges of your body. This widening of your energy tends to feel expansive, spacious, and/or open. It may feel a little uncomfortable and uncontained until you become accustomed to it.

When you compress yourself, you take the vastness of your being and cram it into a small, defined space. It’s like taking a huge puffy down sleeping bag and stuffing it into a tiny little stuff sack.

Just like the sleeping bag, when we are compressed, our being cannot function naturally. We are meant to flow and energetically interact with things. Energy is coming in and going out. It may feel like things are a little out of control until you get used to it.

But it also feels really good when we relax into our natural state. I think it’s why we like being in nature or next to the ocean. Without realizing it, we allow ourselves to expand into the forest or out into the ocean. We feel open and at one with nature. This is because we are one with nature; we are allowing our energy to blend with nature.

So why do we compress ourselves? The simplest answer is that we are used to the sensation of feeling compressed and contained. It is how we feel like ourselves.

Compressing ourselves also sustains a feeling of being separate. I am me, and you are you. It’s convenient to believe our energy ends at the edge of my body. It’s how we define ourselves. We are not used to our energy extending out into the world and blending with other people and things.

So in conclusion, all you need to do in order to return to your natural energy state is to stop compressing yourself. A little at a time, just allow yourself to expand and see what it’s like. It might feel weird at first, but perhaps you could try working with it.

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