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Stop Editing Yourself

Jan 11, 2021

Video Blog Summary: Stop Editing Yourself

Have you ever had something to say to someone and held it back? Or edited what you’re saying they are comfortable with it.

I wonder if we are protecting people from what they might feel if we say what our heart is guiding us to say to them.

Our culture is largely based on everyone feeling comfortable. People want to be comfortable when they hear what we have to say. They want our advice, but only if they’re comfortable with it.

And we want to be comfortable knowing that we did not hurt their feelings or make them uncomfortable when we interacted with them.

So we keep our truth to ourselves or edit it so much that it’s not really our truth anymore. We end up using our precious intuition and spiritual gifts to determine if people will be comfortable with what we say instead of using them to uplift people.

So everyone loses. They do not receive the benefit of our hearing our truth. We do not receive the benefit of offering our gift and making a difference. They stay in their same old behavioral patterns, and we feel like we are not true to our purpose.

We are left feeling all bottled up because we’re not allowing our emotional and spiritual energy to flow.

So what if you tried something different. If you have a strong intuitive sense about something that you need to say, speak it. And let the chips fall where they need to. Your job is to speak your truth, and then to allow them to take it the way they need to.

And yes, they make freak out or get their feelings hurt. You may feel anxious that you hurt their feelings or damaged the relationship. Sometimes that goes with the territory.

But this way, you’ve offered your gift, and they got to hear what you truly wanted to say to them. And both of you got to have an honest interaction.

Sure it takes courage to speak your unadulterated truth. Lots. But isn’t time that you stop editing yourself? Don’t you owe it to the people you interact with, and ultimately yourself?

Check out the above video blog where I flesh this out in further detail.

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