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Summer Solstice: A Time to Engage

Jun 18, 2023

Video Summary:

The summer solstice, also known as the first day of summer, happens this Wednesday, June 21st. The summer solstice is a big deal in earth-based, aboriginal cultures. It marks the time that the dynamic energy of summertime and long days hit their peak.

I like to talk about summer solstice in terms of the Medicine Wheel from my tradition. In my earlier spirituality, I used to look to the Medicine Wheel to tune into the energy of nature and the earth. As I aligned myself with the energy of the earth, nature, and spirit, they could support me.

As my spirituality matured, I realized that I am part of nature. It's not only the energy of nature that dynamically changes as I move around the Medicine Wheel, from spring to summer to fall to winter. Since I'm part of nature and since I am nature, the energy inside of me is also changing.

So internally my energy is more conducive to certain things at this time of year versus others. And that's the power of it. Summertime is when the dynamic, masculine, yang energy within all of us is active and available. It’s when the time of discovering, exploring, and engaging in things is at its peak.

It's a time of engagement and activity. A time of getting in the middle of things, trying new things, and exploring. It's the opposite of the winter solstice in December which is a time of introspection. With the shorter days of winter, our field of vision moves inside more.

With these long days, our field of vision is more expansive. The world is bigger now. If you traveled or camped on Memorial Day weekend, you may have seen the snow in the mountains receding. If we were in an aboriginal culture, we could go on longer excursions to hunt, gather food, and visit other clans.

It's a time when the energy to engage with things is alive inside us and all around us. It's a time to engage with Spirit. It's the time of high ceremony when people do vision quests and engage with spirit in an active, and bold sort of way. You can call out to Spirit, “Show me my vision. Show me my path.”

It's a time to engage with other people and the new aspects of yourself that you may have awakened in the springtime. It's a time to engage in new friendships, relationships, communities, activities, hobbies, passions, and spiritual practices

It's also a time of learning and trial-and-error to try new things and understand how they work experientially- not just conceptually. It's a time to like see how things work in your new world, your new way of being, and your new level of consciousness.

You might say to yourself, “Let's try this. Oh, that didn't work. OK, let's try this.” It's the best time of the year to override your fear, comfort zones, and limiting beliefs so you can experience something new.

Some questions of inquiry might include: What new things would you like to engage with?” What new things would you like to explore and discover both within and outside of yourself? What are you curious about? What are you drawn to? Because the energy is here for all of that.

What do you think?

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