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The Integrity of Letting It Come to You


“Let your prayer come to you.” It is what I tell people all the time when we are doing ceremony. The intent is to get beyond your intellect and pray from your heart.

This also works for acting from your intuition. Intuitive knowing comes to you when you allow the energy of the experience in and then let your intuition come to you. And if nothing comes to you, there might not be much to say. So you continue to listen.

I first learned of this when I was interpreting dreams. My teacher was strict about only offering an interpretation when it came to me intuitively. This, he claimed, helped me stay in my integrity as a teacher.

So inevitably a client would tell me a dream sequence and nothing would come to me. Now what?

I would ask them to tell me more about one of the characters in the dream or the setting. And most times an intuitive interpretation would eventually come to me.

Several times I would still not get an intuitive sense about someone's dream by the end of them sharing the dream.

Then I would say to the client, you know I think your dream is about this, but nothing is clearly coming to me. We would move on to another dream or subject.

It was a little embarrassing, but a small price to pay for my integrity. Interestingly enough, most times it would come to me the next day.

So if you are willing to allow the energy of an experience in and wait for your intuitive sense about it to come to you, it eventually will come. But it takes some courage and trust to wait for it and not resort to going with an intellectual response.

I was just doing a clinical supervision session with a social work intern and found myself saying the same thing, “Allow the energy of the client in, and the counsel will come to you.”

This can apply to your everyday life too. When you are listening to a friend or in a meeting, allow what they are saying in and then let your intuition come to you. You may have more to share in some meetings and conversations than others.

But when you do say something, you truly have something to say.


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