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The Subtle Effect of Your Love

Jan 25, 2021

Video Blog Summary: The Subtle Effect of Your Love 

When you allow your heart to be open and share your love with other people, it has a huge effect on them- likely much more than you realize.

If you walk with your heart open consistently, people become accustomed to your unique energy- I’ll call it your energy signature. They feel uplifted and comforted by it, perhaps in ways they can’t really describe.

My friend Eve has an enthusiastic and upbeat energy signature. Last night on our meditation call, she was uncharacteristically quiet. My other friend Steve immediately said to her, I was expecting you to say, “Happy Wednesday” or something. Steve clearly missed her energy signature.

The effect our energy has on others is much larger than we realize. We think it’s what we say and do that makes a difference. But even more, it’s the way we say it. It’s the energy beyond the words and actions that touches them at the deepest levels.

I have noticed the subtle effect I’ve had on others several times when I moved away from a town I was living in. During the entire time I lived there, I was looking to offer my coaching services, seeking to date, and otherwise interact with people in the community. Most of the people I reached out to did not seem interested in interacting with me.

But when I decided to move, people came out of the woodwork. Several people were sad we were not able to have a romantic relationship, friendship, or start a dream group. Apparently despite not acting on my invitations, my signature energy was having an effect on them.

This is so common. We offer our love and energy and think that no one is that interested. But many people are likely being positively affected and uplifted, but not saying anything about it.

So keep offering your love and the energy of your open heart. Without you even realizing it, it may be an important way you are making a difference.

Check out the above video blog where I flesh this out in further detail.

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