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The Unique Actualization of your Dream

collaborative creation Feb 19, 2015

We all have or have had dreams for our life. It might be to have a family, start a business, or live more simply on some acreage.

Our dream often starts with a vision. We create an idealized picture of how it will be. This allows us to create an intention and blueprint for our dream.

From our intention and our willingness to take action, doors and possibilities begin to unfold.

Our dream or vision begins to take form. It intersects and collides with other people such as family members, friends, business partners, and employees.

The people involved along with the conditions going on in the environment, and our state of consciousness at the time all affect how the dream actualizes itself.

I have actually had the same dream actualize differently at different times of my life with different people and different conditions. I have had the same business plan take on a whole new feel and way of doing business at different times with different employees, vendors, and clientele.

Or perhaps you have had the same vision for a relationship take on a whole different connection and sweetness with different people at different times in your life.

Our energy blends with the energy of the people and the conditions present. The interaction brings out different parts of us and the other people involved. Each new creation or incarnation of our dream has its own synergy and magic.

If we become attached to and rigidly hold onto the ideal and picture of our dream, the variations in the actualization may become stressful and upsetting. We may feel like our dream has been compromised or lost something.

But if we realize that each incarnation of our dream takes on a flavor and life of its own, seeing how our dream takes form can be exciting and joyous.

Photo by Olivier Guillard

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