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They Think Their Issue is Your Issue

May 02, 2016

People have issues with you. Ironically, the more character you have, the more issues people likely have with you.

But never forget whose issues they are. It is their issue with you. And keep in mind, they really believe it is your issue.

Your choice is to take on other people's issues with you or let them have them.

Many people have a preconception and expectation of how you need to be. This is usually based on what role they believe you should take with them. People have unconscious contracts and expectations regarding how you need to be in relation to them.

Or, the way you are just may be threatening to them. Perhaps you are doing something outside their comfort zone.

The only way to clearly interact with others is to do what your heart calls you to do. And chances are your heart's call for action may conflict with their expectation.

So if you follow your heart, you will likely disappoint some people. They may even feel betrayed. But whose life is it, anyway?

And one last thing, it is enough for you to know that it is their issue. I recommend letting go of trying to get them to understand this. They are likely pretty certain that the issue is yours. It is enough that you know and to let them have their issue.

Besides, if you are at all like me, you have your own issues and choices to work with. We simply do not have the time and energy to take on other people’s.

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