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Things are Talking to You

On the way to the airport early Friday morning, I noticed the blue light on my car cell phone charger. It seemed unusually bright. Then it hit me. I am going to need that on my trip. I would have forgotten it.

Things talk to you all the time. To be clear, it is not the things talking, it is your inner consciousness pointing things out to you. This is sometimes referred to as your instincts or intuition.

I experience this as noticing things. Things kind of stand out. They may seem out of place, peculiar, or to have a strange vibe. Your inner consciousness is highlighting or calling attention to things for you to notice.

I notice it when I am packing for a trip. It is like things want to come along on the trip. Surely you have experienced this.

You might say I saw the umbrella or the sunscreen right before the trip, but it was or wasn’t supposed to rain. Your inner consciousness knew better. It was trying to guide you.

Our inner consciousness and intuition are constantly trying to guide us about all kinds of things. Whether to trust someone or not. Whether to speak our truth or keep it to ourselves. Whether to move forward or retreat.

All you have to do is pay attention to what life is trying to point out to you. And listen. That is the tricky part. But after a while, you learn to trust it.

So when is the last time your intuition was trying to guide you? Did you listen?

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