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Time of Introspection

Nov 06, 2022

Video Summary:

All the conditions are here for it to be a very emotional week. We had the time change this past weekend and it’s election day, a full moon, and a lunar eclipse on Tuesday, the day this blog comes out. I'm told it's a beaver blood moon?! I'm going to focus on the time change and the going into winter part of this.

I want to talk about the time change and going into winter in terms of the Medicine Wheel or wheel of life. The Medicine Wheel is a ceremony and a way of seeing the world that’s based on the cycles of nature and how they affect us. We are part of nature so we're affected by it perhaps way more than we realize.

We're moving into the north and winter in the Medicine Wheel which I call the time of introspection. The days are shorter and the nights are longer and our visual reference is moving inside. It's a natural time to be introspective, feel what's going on inside, and reevaluate where we've been and where we want to go in the coming year.

The time change is significant because all of a sudden it's getting dark at five o'clock. So the reality of winter hits us strong. We are naturally more introspective and feel more. I have to deal with myself more. We may feel we barely survived the past COVID winters and now here we go again.

So what do we do in this time of introspection? Perhaps you could consider how you can embrace this time of introspection rather than avoiding it. You can go inside, notice what’s going on with you, and deal with the emotional things you may have been putting off. 

There's also a lot of natural grief that happens at the time of introspection. My theory is if we embrace these things, it's actually way less painful than if we try to push them away. Perhaps you could feel them and deal with them head-on rather than trying to avoid them.

It's a time of feeling as we go into the holidays. It's a time of feeling what my standing is with my family, community, and friendships. What friendships are drifting apart and which ones are coming closer together? 

It’s reevaluating what's important to me now and what I want to explore in this coming year. What matters to me and what am I drawn to? And what is falling away from me and no longer works for me? It’s a great time to inquire, reevaluate, and feel.

What do you think?

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