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Unconscious Intention

collaborative creation Nov 04, 2020

When people refer to intention, they are mostly referring to conscious intention. When we offer an intention, it interacts with life and opens doorways to create things in our lives.

But even when we are not conscious of all of our intentions, we are still offering intentions all the time. And these unconscious intentions are often undermining our conscious intentions and creating unfortunate outcomes.

Our unconscious intentions have an energy signature. Think of it as the DNA or programming of our intention that is creating things. Our unresolved fear and limiting belief systems are ingrained in our unconscious intentions.

The way out of this is to become conscious of our unconscious intentions so they no longer create unfortunate things in our lives.

The best time to approach this is when we experience an unfortunate outcome. When you get an outcome that you didn't consciously intend, it is an opportunity to trace it back to the unconscious intention that created it.

If your conscious intention is creating one thing and your unconscious intention is creating another, the result is divergent energies often moving in opposite directions.

Becoming conscious of your unconscious intention allows your overall intention to become unified and keeps it moving in the same direction to create desired outcomes.

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