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Understanding Your Relationship Pattern

Jul 07, 2022

Video Summary:

At some l essential level, everything is a relationship. Obviously, we have our relationships with our significant others, family, friends, and community. And then that extends spiritually to a relationship with nature, a relationship with the planet, and a relationship to God or Spirit. And at some level, we have a relationship with ourselves in terms of how we treat and relate to ourselves.

And what came next in my inquiry is that each of us tends to have a primary relationship pattern, and we tend to relate to people and things in a similar way. So the way I relate to my significant other may not be that different than the way I relate to friends, my boss, community, nature, and God or Spirit.

A few of the dimensions of my relationship pattern might be: whether I belong or not, whether I'm part of or separate, whether I am worthy and deserve love and beauty or not, and whether I believe there's something wrong with me or that I'm okay and lovable.

Once I become aware of my pattern, then I have the choice of whether to continue it or to create something else. Awareness always gives us a choice. So if I feel like I don't belong or I'm not worthy, once I realize that I can do some work on myself such as coaching, self-inquiry, or meditation until I get to the point where I feel like I do belong and do deserve love.

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