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What brings you joy?

Feb 07, 2021

Video Blog Summary: What brings you joy? 

Last week I spoke about this time of year being a time of introspection. It’s a time to look inside and reevaluate where you’re at with the various aspects of your life.

Another dimension of this time of introspection is to consider what brings you joy. The experiences that bring you joy changes as you change. Different things resonate with you now that you are the way you are now.

So consider, what brings you joy in your life right now? This question may be something you have to allow yourself to feel your way through. You could approach it by asking yourself questions such as, “What am I drawn to doing these days? Or, “What would I be doing if I could do what I really wanted to do?”

So once you rediscover your joy, the next thing to ask yourself is, “Am I making room for it in my life?

This is usually about when our minds come up with some very convincing reasons for why it’s not feasible to do what brings us joy right now. There‘s usually a plan of allowing it some time in the future.

This is interesting because what brings you joy will likely be different in the future. So right now is the only time you have to experience this particular expression of your joy.

Unfortunately, not making room in your life to experience your joy is quite common these days. And not expressing your joy might explain why you’re feeling cranky, bored, or even depressed. It could also explain why life feels oppressive and frustrating. Or simply why you’re not truly enjoying yourself these days.

So where can you start? By allowing a little joy in your life today. Making room for it. Making it a priority. Adding it into the mix of your other responsibilities.

Ultimately your first responsibility is to yourself. Experiencing your joy is an essential part of your spiritual self-care. When you neglect it, you are not fulfilled, and therefore, not as beneficial to the people around you.

So this is a happy practice. Go out and explore the things you are drawn to explore. Do things that bring you joy. You owe it to yourself and the people around you.

Check out the above video blog where I develop this in further detail.

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