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What does your inner child want for Christmas?

Nov 20, 2023

Video Summary:

The holidays are a big deal at the emotional level. We can rationalize our way out of this. We can be a Scrooge. We can say the holidays are no big deal. It's just another day. I work the holidays. I've heard all of these and used most of them. I found out the hard way that the holidays really did mean a lot to me.

It’s natural to spend the holidays with the people that are the most important to us. It’s who we choose to be with on this special day. Yet sometimes we are not able to. Maybe we have to work and can't travel.

Perhaps we are obligated to spend the holidays with in-laws, friends, or extended family. Which is great if we have meaningful connections with them. Much of your holiday may involve doing things that you need to do for family and friends. Things that are expected and that you’re obligated to do.

These obligations and compromises are often necessary. But if you do make a compromise, I suggest you pick one thing about the holidays that really matters to you and that you want to do. Something that you and your inner child get excited about. And then make it happen.

So what does your inner child want for Christmas? Or for Hanukkah, Kwanza, or the Solstice? For the holidays? At one level, yes, I do suggest you buy your inner child a present for the holidays. Something nice. Don't go cheap on your inner child, man. I'm telling you, it'll pay off. It's an important investment.

This also extends metaphorically. What does your inner child want for the holidays? In other words, how does your inner child want to spend the holidays? Maybe it's just one thing that you really want to do.

My thing about the holidays is Christmas Eve. It always was this special time. Often it was a romantic evening with my significant other. When I was a kid, it was with my immediate family. For me, Christmas afternoon is dinner with extended family and friends. Christmas morning is about kids opening presents.

But Christmas Eve was the time I spent with the person or people that were most special to me. They were the people I wanted to be with at this special time. I would have a nice dinner and romantic evening with my significant other. Maybe some champagne and exchanging of special gifts.

Now it's different this year as I'm not in a romantic relationship. So I need to find something special to celebrate that night. Something that my inner child can get excited about.

One possibility is taking that romantic evening with the partner that I would ideally spend Christmas Eve with and transferring it to celebrate the relationship with myself, my inner child, or my heart.

It’s saying (ultimately to yourself), “I'm celebrating what's sacred in me. I'm celebrating my relationship with myself and that I matter. I'm going to celebrate it and acknowledge it, and I'm going to give myself a present. I'm going to pour myself a glass of champagne, open my Christmas present, and be with myself.”

So my suggestion is to think about your holidays. If your family, significant other, or who you want to celebrate it with is not available (or hasn’t found you yet), start sniffing around to find someone to celebrate it with. Or find a way to celebrate it with yourself. But don't blow it off. It’s too important.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays! I hope you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving and holiday season.

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