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Who can you trust?

Jan 31, 2024

Video Summary:

We're almost through January and 2024 is predicted to be a wild year according to astrologers, psychics, and prognosticators. It's an election year and we have wars going on, climate change and weather events, economic challenges, border problems, and a Congress that isn’t functioning well.

So there's a great deal of instability and change. However, there are some things we can do to establish things we can count on, rely upon, and trust. It's the time of introspection on the Medicine Wheel. It's a perfect time of year to do some spiritual inquiry to drop our ability to trust down to a deeper level.

I want to talk about three different areas of things we can learn to rely upon and trust at a deeper level. The first area is trusting ourselves. I’ve called it trusting your survivability. It's trusting that no matter what life throws at you, you know that you can survive it, be resilient, and find your way through it.

This is established by proving this survivability to yourself. Surely you've been through some challenging times and yet you found your way through it. It’s beneficial to remind yourself that you've navigated through some rough times and come out the other side. This helps you realize you can trust yourself.

The second area is trusting other human beings. It's having people who have your back and can support you for who and what you are. So if you do have a rough time, there are people you can go to. Perhaps you can rely on a spiritual or social community, family, significant other, or friends.

It’s powerful to inquire and look at how reliable your relationships are. As things get more unstable in the external world, people pull back into themselves more. So it's effective to identify the people and communities that can be there for you even when the times get unstable and difficult.

It’s having people you can go to even when you're having a rough time or have done something that you're not proud of. You can say to them, “Look, man, I think I screwed up.” Or, “This just happened and I don't know what to think.” It’s having people that will embrace and support you at a deep level.

So identifying people that you can count on is an important thing to inquire about. It might include taking an inventory of the people you know including family, friends, and communities.

If you don't have many people you can count on, you can start creating new relationships that have depth. It might require new friends, people, and communities that can support you for who and what you are.

It also requires selecting people who can support you at a deep level. Many of the people who are not supporting you at the level that you need may not be able to. They probably even want to. It may be the way you are is threatening to them, or that they can’t comprehend the type of support you need.

The third area is trusting Spirit or the universe. It's trusting that you're part of something. It might be in the form of having spirit guides or feeling like you're one with nature or part of life.

Another aspect of this includes collaborative creation. Offering an intention creates a partnership with the universe, Spirit, God, or life. It's useful to have something we’re part of that we offer an intention to. The universe responds by providing opportunities, doorways, and the things that we intended.

That is powerful because then you can rely on these things. You can trust that there are things beyond yourself that you can share a burden with. You learn to know that there's something out there that has your best interest at heart.

We can also develop trust in the abundance of the universe. Our limiting belief systems tell us that our resources are limited. They might tell us that this job or livelihood is all there is for us. But if we trust in the abundance of the universe, we can say to ourselves, “If this job ends, I will find a new livelihood.”

Relationships are the same way. If a relationship is not working, our limiting beliefs tell us that this is the last person on the planet who's ever going to love us, so we better make it work. Whereas an abundant view might be, “I sure hope this works, but if it doesn't work, I trust I'll find another person to share my heart with.”

What do you think?

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