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Why You Need to Create Something this Spring

Mar 15, 2021

 Video Blog Summary: Why You Need to Create Something this Spring 

It’s springtime! Life moves in cycles. Nature moves in seasons. The creation cycle is reflected through the seasons of the year. And throughout nature, spring is a natural time for new things to be born.

Accordingly, now is a natural time to consider what you would like to awaken in your life in this coming year. What would you like to have for yourself?

You've had a long year of COVID to reflect on things. Surely it's time to create something new. And all you have to do is decide what you'd like to create and offer a simple intention. And the natural creative energy of life will respond by collaborating with you to create the things you would like to have in your life.

When you offer an intention it creates a partnership with Life. As soon as you offer an intention, the energy of that intention interacts with all of life. Life immediately begins to open doorways for you to step into to unfold your intention. And you receive the full benefit of the infinite creative potential of life.

With conventional goal attainment, you are limited to what your conscious mind can see and understand. And you can create some beautiful things this way. But when you offer a clear intention and partner with life, life presents opportunities and doorways that your conscious mind cannot begin to conceive of.

So whether you intend a new relationship or a livelihood in line with your life purpose, doorways begin to open. All you need to do is recognize the doorways and find the courage to step through them.

But without your clear intention, life does not have a blueprint to create your new life. Sure life will still create things in your life, that's its nature. But it's your intention that informs life what to create.

And when we are not clear with what we want to create. It gives life mixed messages on what to create. One day we are wanting this, so life begins to unfold that. Then we say, "No, actually I'd like this," and then Life begins to create that. So we end up with a little of this and little of that.

Check out the above video blog where I develop this in further detail.

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