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Willing to Have Your Heart Broken

Mar 07, 2021

Video Blog Summary: Willing to Have Your Heart Broken

When you interact and connect with people with your heart open, you naturally see potentiality and possibilities to explore. It just comes with being open. And it’s natural to feel excited about sharing the various possibilities with that person.

We may talk to them about exploring something together. Or perhaps we just notice that possibility and file it in our minds as a possibility to explore at a later time. It could be to explore a romantic connection, friendship, activity, or project.

We can’t help by think of the possibilities of sharing with this person. And they may feel it too. So once we see the possibility and consider exploring it, hope is created. And the hope increases the more you explore it with that person.

Now you can use skills to not get attached to the outcome and match their investment so you don’t get overly enthusiastic about something that may never happen. And these skills help. But no matter how nonattached and Zen you get with it, there is still hope that inevitably gets created. The hope creates energy to explore the possibilities.

As time passes or even later in the same conversation, it may become apparent that they are not willing to explore the possibility with you. They may have been excited about it at first, but then they bump up against their fear or limiting beliefs.

And you become painfully aware that they do not want to explore that perfectly amazing possibility. You realize your hope will not be fulfilled. When this happens it feels very sad. In one sense, it breaks your heart.

This is natural. It goes with exploring a possibility. It does not mean that you did something wrong or became overly attached. It just means that you explored a possibility, it didn’t work out, and now it’s sad.

When this happens, it essential to grieve the lost possibility. If you can’t quite put your finger on what is sad, you can ask yourself, “What was I hoping for?” And then allow yourself to feel the sadness. If it sticks with you, talk to a friend about it.

So in this sense, exploring possibility requires a willingness to have your heart be broken. It comes with the territory. This may seem like a high price to pay. But the beauty you see and the possibilities you do get to explore tend to be well worth the price. But only you can decide.

Once you understand this, you can explore the possibility with your eyes open. You realize that it might break your heart. But you do it anyway. Because the possibility is that cool. How could you not?

Check out the above video blog where I develop this in further detail.

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