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High Vibration

Dec 05, 2023

Video Summary:

Several blogs ago I talked about the different levels of consciousness that human beings reside in. I spoke about the challenge of relating to someone who is in a different level of consciousness than you because you're essentially in different realities and experiencing the world very differently.

Today I want to talk about inhabiting different levels of consciousness ourselves. When we grow spiritually, we rise to higher levels of consciousness. All of us have found the highest level of consciousness that we reside in. And that's kind of where we vibrate. We can live from there.

Now, sometimes we might be in a ceremony or meditation and we get a taste of a higher level of consciousness, and we're learning to integrate it. For this blog, I'm going to call either the one we are integrating or the highest one that we have integrated our higher level of consciousness.

Our level of consciousness tends to drop when we get triggered, frustrated, or stuck in a mood or self-pity. We might be not happy that we have to go to work or that something doesn't go our way, so we become a little sour about our lives.

When we get triggered or otherwise lower our level of consciousness, we experience life from that level of consciousness. This is unfortunate because we could be experiencing life at our higher level of consciousness where life is abundant, free, and full of possibility.

We tend to enjoy life at our higher level of consciousness. We’re also more apt to make a difference with the people we interact with. Our vibration is interacting with other people's vibration and raising it. Just our mere vibration makes a difference in people's lives when they're in our energy field.

When we allow our level of consciousness to lower, we see the world differently and have an entirely different experience of life. If I feel sorry for myself, I experience life from that level of consciousness, and my experiences reinforce it. I say, ”See my life really does suck.” I see out of the eyes of woe is me.

The practice that I recommend is to stay at our higher level of consciousness and live from there. The council I just got while I was doing some ceremony by the creek was, “We need you up here.” In other words, since you know how to be there, we need you to be living at your higher level of consciousness.

It might take a little energy or discipline. Perhaps we're feeling a little cranky and we say, “Not today. I am not going to be all spiritual today.” But we pay a price for that because now we're not living our life from our optimal state of consciousness, and we're missing valuable opportunities.

I notice that before I do a session or a ceremony, I do something to raise my level of consciousness so I can be at my best for the ceremony or session. So I know how to do this and I suspect you also have a way that you raise your level of consciousness. So why not do this all the time? Why not live from there?

I think it's the ultimate spiritual practice. It’s learning to live at your highest level of vibration. So you might do a meditation, yoga, or go for a walk in nature to get you to that higher level of consciousness. And then you find a way to stay there.

And then when you notice yourself going to sleep, feeling sorry for yourself, or being cranky, do an intervention. You need to do that thing that pulls yourself up into your higher level of consciousness again, and then you can live life from up here. It’s where you flow. It’s where joy and abundance reside.

Sadness is there as well, but it’s a purer feeling of sadness. It's not the sadness of telling myself a sad story and then becoming sad. That's a reactionary emotion. Up here, I still feel feelings, but they're the feelings of my interaction with life. I'm interacting with life directly, not through my head or sad story.

And lastly, please don't beat yourself up when you're not in your highest level of consciousness. That's not the point. It's just noticing it and inviting yourself to come up here. This is where you live.

What do you think?

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